Learn how to start a petting zoo business.

Learning the ins and outs of how to start a petting zoo business is not all that difficult.

However, getting all the proper paperwork in order to start a petting zoo business takes a little more thought and double checking.

Start by deciding which animals you want to include in your petting zoo. The animals that you intend to keep have to be legally kept on your property; they need ample room and living conditions, food, water, and personal attention.
How to Start a Petting Zoo Business
It might look good on paper to decide that you want fifteen large animals for your petting zoo, but you have to look at the practical aspects of having that many animals to care for on a daily basis.

Some people hire care takers to care for the animals while they are off at farms and other boarding areas, which is fine provided that you are still willing to ensure that they are getting the personal attention they need.

Not only is this humane, but it will make your animals much more receptive to being pet by large numbers of people on a regular basis. Animals that are too sheltered and do not receive the appropriate care can become nothing more than a liability because they lack social skills, can bite, and run from happy children trying to pet them.

Each type of animal requires a different living arrangement, different food, and in many cases different permits. You have to check locally with your magistrate's office to find out what permits are necessary for the animals you intend to include in your petting zoos.

Some people have been rather successful with running a petting zoo on their own property. Rather than having a petting zoo that travels, these individuals have learned how to start a petting zoo business that stays at home and invites the public for a small fee.

After a few years, these places have become successful enough to expand. It's a much more humane option for the animals and it is generally easier on the owners as well.

Running a petting zoo will likely require at least one employee if you are doing it on your own. This means an increase in your insurance and it also means a salary.

Make sure that you keep very accurate records to ensure that you are able to determine exactly how much money you are spending on your petting zoo versus how much you are making on it.

Petting zoos can be fun businesses for animal lovers with a lot of time to devote to their business. If you do not truly love animals or you are lacking the appropriate amount of time necessary to run a happy and successful business, you should opt for a different type of pursuit.

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