Quit Your Day Job & Start an eBay Business

eBay attracts many people who aspire to be entrepreneurs.  One of the biggest attractions to eBay is the opportunity it offers many to quit their day job and work for themselves.  Many people have earned a lot of money working at home with a successful eBay business.  eBay offers a legitimate way to step into an online business, but most people do not understand how to get started.

Decide What You Want to Sell

The first thing you need to figure out is what type of merchandise you will sell on eBay, and where you will find a supplier/wholesaler.  This part is easy if you already manufacture a product.  Once you have decided what you will sell, you need to make sure your product is in line with eBay’s terms of service.  You do not want to set yourself up to sell firearms and then find out later that firearms are on eBay’s list of prohibited and restricted items.

Create an Account

The process to create an account on eBay is simple and free.  You are going to need to set up a Seller’s Account.  All you will need to do is give them the information they request and you will be set up to sell on eBay in a snap.  Make sure to be ready to give them the method for which you will pay your sellers fees.

Learn Everything You Can About the Site

Log onto www.ebay.com and check out the eBay University Learning Center. Sit back, relax and learn everything you can about how to sell on their auction style website.  Be sure to pay close attention to the learning center tutorials so that you will thoroughly understand how to use the site in the most optimal way possible.

There is even eBay University Classroom live instruction for anyone who is super serious about making money online on their website.  All you have to do is enter your zip code to find the class time and location near you.

Decide How You Will Sell Your Items on eBay

You can sell your items in a traditional auction style listing, sell them at a fixed price, or you can open an eBay store.  No matter which format you decide upon, eBay provides all the tools necessary for you to sell your items any way you choose.

Decide How You Will Promote Your eBay Business

Do you think it will be enough just to list your product and go?  Well, if your product is highly unique, that might be enough, but if there are hundreds of other people selling the same type of product as yours you will need to be familiar with the different ways to promote your business.

One of the best ways to promote yourself is to utilize eBay’s “About Me” feature.  It is the easiest way to allow bidders to hook up with buyers - and this is exactly what you will need to promote your business.

You can also utilize external sources like setting up a Squidoo page, Hubpage, website and/or blog to promote your eBay items as well.  In addition, you should learn about search engine optimization so that you will understand how to create content about your items on external sources.

Establish Traditional Business Formalities

Before starting your eBay business, you need to think about establishing a business name, applying for an employer identification number from the IRS, and establishing a business bank account.  It is also an excellent idea to open up a Paypal account so that you will never have to share your personal banking and credit card information.

Fast Track Your Learning Curve

Once you have completed the above steps you might still be a little anxious or nervous about starting your new home based business.  What you have to realize is that most people started out just like you, but some of those people ended up only breaking even, some actually lost money, and some people went on to become highly successful eBay Powersellers.

A Powerseller is what you want to be, and some people are willing to share their stories and tips for success.  One such person is Anton Gates, an eBay Titanium Powerseller.  If you want to fast track your way to earning money online with eBay, you might want to pay close attention to the advice he gives in his guide, eBay Inside Out: How I Made $1,000,000 In Less Than 8 Months.

eBay offers anyone a legitimate opportunity to establish a real online business. If you are serious about quitting your day job and working from home, no one is stopping you from reaching your dreams but you.  Decide to change your life, and then step out and make that change.

Good Luck to You!

Learn How to Make Money on ebay