Virtual law firms have started to grow in popularity during the past couple of years with the invention of sites like Legal Zoom. Virtual law firms provide limited legal services over the internet such as corporate filings, contract drafting, and will execution. Some proactive lawyers have caught on to the fact that most people do not particularly enjoy taking off a day or so of work to meet with an attorney at his or her law traditional law office, especially when they could access the services that they need from the comfort of their home computer. There has been some debate recently as to whether to Code of Professional Conduct in some state prohibits have a virtual office only without a physical office location. The decision in most states has been favorable toward allowing virtual law firms.

To start a virtual law firm you will need a dependable computer with internet access. You will also need to invest in a secure virtual terminal. If you have little no technological know-how, you could pay a web designer to create a secure service platform for you. However, there are several services that are currently available for a per-month fee that require very little technical knowledge.

When you set up you secure service platform you will need to decide and select which services you will offer to your clients. You will also need to create client questionnaires for your client to complete. For example, if you offer basic wills as an online legal service, you would need a questionnaire that asks all of information that you would normally collect during a client interview. You will use this information to create the document that your client requested. The document will then be uploaded back into your secure service platform and sent to your client. You should send instructions with the completed document detailing the next steps that the client must take, if any, such as having a document notarized or filing it at their county court house.

Virtual law firms typically process payments using an integrated credit card processing application. If you sign up for a secure legal service platform, the credit card processing feature will be integrated into you account.