Alroh lawnmower Cylinder


First and foremost, you will need to be reasonably fit and energetic.You can make money doing this type of job, although it is hard work.Can you imagine if you are using a 30" lawn mower?Once the catcher is full of lawn clippings, it becomes very heavy. Some lawns will require that to be filled twenty or more times.Each time it needs to be emptied into your trailer.This is heavy work, I kid you not.

Never start out by buying a franchise – Like Jims.

You have to pay up front and any customers you pick up yourself belong to the franchise.You have to pay a percentage every month for the customers. In other words it is not and never will be your business.Sure they supply you with all the customers' machinery and the trailer.

The best suggestion I can give you is to go out with another lawnmower man for a few hours to see the kind of work it involves.If you think you can cope with the work load then that's entirely up to you.

There are two ways of doing this.

Buy an established round with customers and machinery.This will be an expensive outlay.You need to keep in mind that lawn mowing is seasonal. Customers and lawns vary.In winter most need to be cut every five to six weeks.In summer, some are cut every week.Therefore if you buy say 25 customers, you will be flat out straight away if you buy the round in the beginning of the summer.You may not be fit enough to cope.

If you buy at end of summer, you will go broke especially if you borrowed the money to buy the business.As twenty five customers will not keep you in groceries, never mind pay the bills, fuel, registrations and so on.

Start out slow, and buy say ten or fifteen customers and the required machinery.Work this on the weekend or in between shift work hours.That way you will gradually build up your own round of customers without outlaying a fortune and end up in debt.

Required Machinery

  • 30" lawnmower
  • Whipper snipper
  • Blower
  • Edger
  • Trailer and vehicle to tow (utility preferably)

Basic knowledge of machinery would be an advantage. Rotating blades and cylinders is an ongoing job. To pay mechanics to do your repairs will be expensive and chew into your profits.


  • Work your own hours within reason
  • Pick and choose your customers
  • Work in the open weather
  • You have to carry outstanding credit


  • No work then no pay
  • Work in all weathers
  • You cannot cut lawn in rain (you cannot clean up so not good job)
  • Cheques may bounce Do not accepts cheques
  • You need public liability Insurance in case stone goes through a window
  • Keep good accounts

Now you need to sit down and work out your finances.Think long and hard as to whether you are up to working 5 days a week out in all weathers. With no pay when you bread down for repairs.On the other hand if you are quick, and work hard you can make good money, especially as a part time job.


We have watched contractors go into homes and do the lawns.Some are in and out in five minutes (exaggerated) they do the job properly and leave. They make money.Others dodder about, chatting, and dragging their feet slowly up and down back and forth.They do not make money.

Note:If someone is paying you to do a good job, and then make sure you do it.If not, you will not have a clientele for very long.

All the best, hope this helps you decide what to do before outlaying those hard earned dollars.

If the idea of Starting a Lawn mowing business is not suitable then these other home busines ideas may help to build up your adrenaline to give one of them a go.  Remember sitting thinking about something won't make it happen.  You have to start at the beginning and work from there.