If you're interested in selling your art online, an artist's blog may be just the thing you need. It can serve as a portal to places that you sell your art, as well as a gallery. You can also use your artist's blog to let collectors know what you're creating or show readers how to replicate a certain technique. A well-designed blog shows the world that you are an art professional who is serious about her work.

Things You Will Need

Domain name
Photographs of artwork
Contest prizes

Step 1

Decide which hosting company you want to use. You can put up a blog for free in many places, including Blogger and Wordpress.com. It appears more professional to have your own domain. You can register a domain and buy hosting from a number of companies.

Step 2

Display artwork regularly on your blog. You should plan on updating your blog at least twice a week if you want to retain subscribers. Take quality photographs of your artwork or scan it. Every update does not have to show new work, however. Write about inspirations that you have had or a technique that you've recently discovered.

Step 3

Develop backlinks for your blog. This will help people find it when they search for terms that apply to your art blog. Do you do abstract art? Then link to your blog using that term. Create buttons for your blog and invite people to take them. Provide code for them to link back to your blog.

Step 4

Promote your artist's blog. Use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to let people know what you've been up to. Ask them to spread the word. Cultivate relationships with other artist bloggers and leave comments on their blog. It's likely they'll return the favor.

Step 5

Create content for your blog that will keep readers coming back for more. If your readers searched for "abstract art" and found your blog, it should be about abstract art. Don't post about what you cooked for dinner, personal issues or about art in other niches. Stay on topic and you'll retain your readers.

Step 6

Make it easy for people to subscribe to your blog. Put an RSS button and direct people to subscribe. To gain new subscribers, have a contest on your blog. Offer a prize that rewards subscribing, such as a set of markers or one of your drawings.
Putting up an artist's blog is easy. Writing good content and gaining readers is not. Make your art blog an attractive, interesting place to hang out.

Tips & Warnings

The design of your artist's blog is particularly important. The blog represents your artwork, and should be designed in a professional, attractive manner. If you are not certain how to do blog design, hire a graphic artist to assist you.