Don't rush your muscle building program!It seems like every night some washed up celebrity is touting some amazing muscle building program, pill or machine on late night television. Well, a real muscle building program is a simple thing and you can do it easily and cheaply without buying some expensive gadget or health drink from an infomercial. Just make sure the muscle building program you choose includes the following things.  They are all proven time and time again to be the absolute best way to build lean muscle mass as fast as possible.

A good muscle building program includes a workout!

Obviously this goes without saying. But make sure you do it right. Don't overtrain your muscles and they will grow, overtrained muscle groups will never fully recover each night and will actually stop growing. A good muscle building program includes weight lifting on each muscle group at least once a week but never two days in a row. Your muscle building program should target each group and push it to failure in three sets. Do this 3 times a week for an effective muscle building program.

Feeding your muscles is important to any muscle building program

He needs a muscle building program!You'll need plenty of protien. The experts recommend at least 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Make sure the muscle building program you start includes plenty of protein intake. You can easily supplement (and most people do) your protein intake with protein shakes.  Most people will find it nearly impossible to take in this much protein by eating their regular meals.  The best way to do this is by consuming two protein shakes and one or two protein bars during the day.

Make sure you take supplements as part of your muscle building program

Let's face it, to build muscle you need testosterone, and lots of it. If you're older, than taking body building supplements is a great way to boost your muscle building results.  No matter what your age taking a good solid multi vitamin designed for people who lift weights will give you all the things you need to get huge.

Without sleep your muscle building program will fail

Follow this muscle building program and get the results you wantMost people don't know this but building muscle does NOT happen in the gym, it happens when you sleep. the fact is you actually destroy muscle fibers when you workout. To succeed in your muscle building program you must get plenty of sleep and let your body put all that protien and testosterone to good use, repairing those fibers and building new ones.

And finally, make sure you consult with a physicial before you start any diet or workout program, for your own health safety. You will of course find other helpful links on this page to help you in your quest to find the best muscle building program.

Now that you know what to do here's a great article detailing the most common, proven effective weight lifting supplements out there.  If your serious you need to go all the way.