Pregnancy!!! The thought alone sends shivers down the spine to so many women whenRadiant During PregnancyCredit: the subject is raised. Their minds were filled with nothing but how to get rid of the excessive fats and remain as shapely and beautiful as ever during pregnancy. Well, it is very possible to remain shapely, beautiful and radiant throughout the nine month pregnancy. Sounds funny, right?

Indeed, this is not impossible.  You can still remain as attractive as a beauty queen while pregnant. Remember pregnancy actually is a time of joy, for it’s when your body is undergoing one of the most exciting and anticipated experiences you are created as a woman. So there is actually no need to afraid and don't like it for it’s actually a blessing as a woman. Despite the protruding belly or the overall weight gain, being pregnant does not mean one cannot stay beautiful and radiant. By following the simple tips below it’s you'll retain the beautiful and healthy figure while pregnant.

  • First and foremost, always be cheerful and look optimistic. Now, putting all the make-ups cannot do the magic a smile can do to your face. Be sure to always put on a broad smile on your face so that the good vibes will be felt within to make you beautiful outside. Whatever jokes people or friends around you crack, simply accept that with a broad smile. Smiling will always make people around you to notice the beauty radiating out of you. Normally, smiling portrays optimism and happiness. Now, being optimistic is itself, a feeling that makes pregnant ladies to be beautiful both inside and outside.
  • Secondly, put on the right clothing. Unfortunately, many mothers to-be never pay much attention to the type of clothing they put on, during pregnancy. Some put on oversized and shapeless cloths with the intention of concealing the changes that have taken place on their body. Unfortunately, such clothes will definitely do nothing better than making them look more bigger and shapeless. Also, making the mistake of wearing your pre-pregnant clothing will not make the situation better. Rather it’ll only make you look garish and funny. Maternity clothes are specially designed for pregnant women and fortunately, they have the capability to accentuate the right curves. Choose simple and chic ensembles that will make you bloom. Structurally, maternity clothes that have V- neck structure and a high waist level generally fit pregnant women. And of course the popular pregnant clothes like rompers, new denims, A-line dresses and statement T-shirts have these wonderful attributes.
  • Next, putting on a stylish and beautiful hairstyle, will add more radiant to your appearance. Unfortunately, because of the frequent bout of nasty experiences like morning sickness, dizziness and headaches, most pregnant women never remember to groom their hair, nor go to the saloon. This is further compounded by the fact that hair tends to get dry and brittle at this period. Consequently, there is tendency for pregnant women to have falling hair.
  • Despite the fact that it’s not advisable to apply gels and other chemicals during pregnancy, you can at least style your hair throughout your pregnancy. Leaving the hair unkempt, makes you look haggard and not feel good about yourself.
  • Taking health diets that are rich in vitamins and minerals is a sure way of maintaining your health, as well as that of your unborn baby. Eat properly and do mild exercises for a healthy you. In fact such exercises help you to burn off excess fat that is accumulating in your body as a result of your pregnancy. But please, you only have to indulge in such mild exercises like walking, swimming, yoga or Pilates. Also, regular exercise gives you more energy, strength and not look feel sluggish.
  • Apply fine cream oil and lotion to keep your skin elastic, smooth and supple. Moisturizing creams made of cocoa butter is recommended. Applying creams that keep stretch marks and lines away leave you beautiful and appealing.

Observing all these simple hints will definitely make you look charming and beautiful during your pregnancy.