Crystal Meth Recovery

Crystal methamphetamine addiction has been described as an epidemic. The problem with drug addiction is that it is often misunderstood or adequately treated. Persons using or recovering from drugs are oftentimes heavily stigmatized because of their use. Crystal methamphetamine is also called meth, ice, tweak, shards, glass, poor man's cocaine, g, and speed. Whatever it is called, remember, it does not define you, and you are an important person regardless of what has happened because of using.

Every person who decides to get clean will have a different recovery path ahead of them. People who have used crystal can face different issues than those who used other substances. It is important to cease the using and then to start then long process of rehabilitating the person who was using meth. The following steps will be helpful to anyone who is trying to stay clean after quitting crystal methamphetamine. While using crystal meth it is hard to pay attention to health effectors, such as sleep or nutrition. The medical community is beginning to study meth's effect on the brain. For example, it has been shown that meth's effect on memory is considerable, and that can make it hard to stop. Knowing these things is helpful.

Ways to Stay Clean after Quitting Crystal

Change as many of your old habits as you can. This means staying away from people who are getting high on meth or other drugs. A lot of people who have only been addicted to crystal meth without having a problem with alcohol at the same time, end up drinking. Consider for yourself whether drinking alcohol is a good decision for you. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and decreases decision making abilities. When inhibitions are lowered the liklihood of relapse increases. Weigh whether drinking a beer is worth a relapse into meth use. It is a good idea to stay away from the liquor and even non-alcoholic beverages because they can trigger parts of the brain to start cravings. Holidays can be hard, but there are ways to have sober holiday events.

Use clean and sober housing to stay clean after quitting crystal methamphetamine. If you are able to find clean and sober housing or a halfway house with a zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs then this can be very helpful. Living in a structured environment offers boundaries. Anything you can do that will make it harder for you to get high, but is also supportive is very empowering and can help you stay clean off crystal. Some counsleors will say to change "people, places, and things" or that you don't have to change anything except for everything.

Stay in Recovery Using Diet and Excercise

Eat a healthy diet. This is really important. Your need to have low sugar diet because sugar mimicks drugs in the brain and will increase cravings. Most people do not or cannot eat when using meth, at least at some point, especially in the beginning when your throat is too tight to swallow. Between malnutrition and the damage done by the drug, the brain and body need a lot of healing. Eat a diet that is high in Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids (walnuts, flax seed, fish) and/or take a supplement. Getting the healthy fats are very important for brain and overall health. Take a multivitamin as well.

There is often concern about gaining weight, especially by women since they use it more for weight loss. One thing that is helpful when you quit crystal methamphetamine is to drink high protein fruit smoothies. You can make a variety of them. They taste really good and you can put fruit and vegetables in them, so this way you get more nutrition. Making a spinach fruit smoothie is very healthy and can help maintain weight (you can't taste the spinach!).

Money in Recovery

Keep track of your money. Money can be a big trigger for some people when they are trying to stay clean after quitting crystal methamphetamine (or others drugs). Have someone you trust help you manage your money, if you need it. While out gacked and tweaking money plays a huge role in whether or not you use. A big relapse trigger for people is getting a paycheck because for some that is so tightly related to getting high. If you are receiving welfare or are on disability then consider getting a payee for a little while in the beginning of your recovery. Make sure that this person is someone who supports you and will not steal from you. Since you are getting in recovery from using meth you know that people will do just about anything to feed their addiction. Listen to your gut. Not everyone needs help managing their money. Sometimes talking to a friend, spouse, or 12 step meeting sponsor can help support your needs around money.

Money can also be a trigger because there is not enough of it. Some get out of treatment, jail, or just stop using and do not have money or credit. Go to the Department of Social and Health Services to see what they can do to help you. Another good resource is 12 step meetings because there are folks there who "get it".

Sleep (health) in Recovery

Get enough sleep. Go to bed and get up at the same time each day. This will help reset your body's clock. Crystal meth use interrupts the sleep cycle and causes various problems because of sleep deprivation. Not getting enough sleep can lead to out of whack hormones, weight gain, depression, irritability and a whole lot of other emotional and health problems. Paying attention to your sleep health is very important because it is like a domino onto everything else. If you cannot sleep then seek advice from a doctor about how to fall asleep.

It is important to understand that you are not going to go back to "normal" overnight. Crystal meth has a very devastating impact on the brain. There have been studies that show that memory is intensified by crystal meth. What this means to you is that it makes it easy to daydream or fantasize about when it was good, and then those feelings to return to use are stronger because of the damage crystal has done to certain centers of the brain. Educating yourself about addiction as a brain disease can be very helpful. Using meth changes the way your brain works. Some of these changes can be damage that will take weeks to months to years to heal.

Hallucinations and Voices after Quitting Crystal Meth

Many crystal meth users will continue to hear voices and have hallucinations after they quit using. It is very common although rarely talked abou, and in fact, many doctors dismiss the fact that there is a continuation of such hightened paranoia, voices, hallucinations, and so forth. They are slowly learning that it is true. The problem is that the medical literature is not up to date with current experiences. Make sure to be assertive with the doctor when you go.

If you have stopped using crystal it is likely that you will experience paranoia, high anxiety, depression, and sometimes a continuation of auditory and visual hallucinations. Go to the doctor if you are still having hallucinations. If you cannot do that then talk to someone about it because it feels pretty crazy.

Volunteer to Stay Clean

Volunteer. Do some work with other people. Reaching out and working with others is one of the most important parts of staying clean after quitting crystal meth. Think about it. Who else can help other tweakers or former meth users the way you help each other. Most doctors do not understand what it is like to have psychosis and other meth induced problems. It is h*ll. Volunteering is so important to stay clean. Volunteer work is very rewarding and can be incorporated into your life. There are so many ways that you can give back to the world and make a positive difference.

Find something that you like doing that makes you feel good (except dope, of course). A lot of meth users threw their ethics out the window at times, so doing things to rebuild yourself is a good thing. Try something new or pick up a hobby that you dropped when you picked up the pipe. The more things you can find to replace the time you spent getting high, the better your chance of staying clean. You will need to build social networks to replace the using ones. Some people like going to support groups like Crystal Meth Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, or others. There are online support groups if you prefer, and there are also peer support groups which can be extremely helpful.

Don't give up even when the voices in your head are telling you that life isn't going to get better and going back to using is the solution. People will have expectations that you should be getting better now that the drug is out of your life. It takes a lot more time that anyone realizes for some addicts to recover. Find a place where you can breathe.

If you're having a hard time stopping crystal on your own (or other drugs/alcohol) then go to rehab for as long as possible. You are giving yourself time to not only detox from the drugs but also to readjust to what it feels like to not be high. Some people will have a really hard withdrawal while stopping meth so it is important to have as many things in place to help them as possible.

Staying Clean after Quitting Meth Final Tip:

Go to your doctor. You should have a check up if you have been using meth.

It is important that if cannot stay clean after quitting crystal methamphetamine that you find out about treatment. Living life on crystal meth can be extremely miserable and dangerous, depending on the person. There is help available. If you are not sure that crystal meth is a problem then check out the crystal meth denial information. It may help.