One of the best things any man, woman or teenager can do to prevent body odor is to stop sweating. However, since this is an unreasonable request, the next best thing we can do is to stay clean.

In a perfect world, we would be able to wash our underarms with soap and water anytime we broke a serious sweat. We don't live in a perfect world, though, which is why women's and men's Deodorants & Antiperspirants are one of our favorite consumer products.

Odor Fighting Science

The sweat glands under our arms release organic material upon which bacteria love to multiply. When we sweat, the bacteria gather and as they get more active, our smell gets worse.

A deodorant will work on killing bacteria or preventing further growth to stop odor. If it is successful and our activity levels decline, body odor may abate. However, if we sweat again before washing, the deodorant has to do the same work with a reduced odor-fighting capability, a pattern that eventually renders deodorant useless.

To prevent this pattern from recurring, there are antiperspirants and deodorant/antiperspirant combinations. An antiperspirant stops the sweat from breaking the surface of the skin where bacteria can get to it. This is accomplished by blocking or stopping up sweat glands so the sweat never escapes.

A combination product combines this sweat blocking technique with an antimicrobial agent to attack any bacteria that do start to cultivate in the area. Like deodorant, even a good antiperspirant will eventually wear out, so the regular washing is important.

An Odor Fighter for Everyone

The men's Deodorants & Antiperspirants on the market offer everything from gentle, fragrance-free odor protection, to clinical strength wetness prevention applied the night before. Industry giant Degree even has advanced protection formulas that don't start working until your body starts heating up.

As activity increases, the chemical agents in these products work harder to fight odor. This technology is available in every product except degree kids formulas. However, there are clinical strength alternatives available for teenage girls and boys if necessary and approved by a physician.

Girls can also choose degree body mist fragrances to go with their favorite deodorant or deodorant/antiperspirant. The choices are Degree Just Dance 24 hour protection, Degree Girl F4E, and Degree Girl Twilight Kiss.

Men's Odor Protection

In addition to the MotionSense technology, a man's deodorant and antiperspiration combination, Degree has a Recharge formula. Instead of releasing more odor eaters in response to body heat, this combination product replenishes antibacterial agents in response to activity. The result is the same powerful sweat-blocking power combined with extended bacteria fighting throughout the day.

Men can choose from several subtle and refreshing masculine scents such as Adrenaline Adventure or Everest, Clinical strength Clean, Extreme Fresh or Sport Strength, and the herbal and woody Adrenaline V12.

To choose the right scent and strength, bring along a friend or spouse. Choose something appealing but subtle. Next, pick at least two different scents. Pick a strong formula for heavy, hot or active days and a basic deodorant for lighter days.

How to Stay Dry and Smelling Fresh All Day