Its hard to stay in shape when you have no motivation-that is what drives someone to stay fit in the first place! So why are you unmotivated should be the first step to motivated exercise.

So you have ready all kinds of fitness magazines and diet books, tried their routines, but just aren't getting the results that you want right? Well there are a number of things about your mentality that could be holding you back.

Firstly, and most basic, you are simply not drinking enough water with your increased exercise. When you start burning more energy you using your water supply more quickly than before so you have to accommodate to that by drinking more water than before exercising as well. This will also help muscle cramps, and feeling tired throughout the day.

Secondly, you are eating as much as you want while still exercising like a fiend! Exercise alone isn't going to drastically change your figure-a well balanced diet is what will compliment your exercise leading to the figure that you are aiming for!

Third, Setting the bar too high can cause a lack of motivation as well. If you are expecting to look like you did when you were 18, you won't. Everyone's body changes as they age, so you must find an exercise routine that compliments your age, lifestyle, and desired end result.

Lastly, alot of us expect/want to see immediate results or feel more energetic right away, truthfully its not going to be instant change when you start to exercise. This is a huge road block for a lot of people because they feel like what they are doing isn't working-when it just takes time!! So always give your exercise routing and healthy eating at least a month before you move on to something else that would fit your lifestyle a little better!

Now when you go to actually exercise-no excuses!! Just do it! If you are "too tired", well your lack of exercise may be the singular reason that you feel that way. Studies have shown that exercising around 5:30 pm (yes, in the afternoon) is an ideal time for fitness, because the body temperature starts to fall around 4 to 5 hours after exercising-causing drowsiness. So morning exercise may cause noon crashes!

Poor health is also a major contributor to loss of motivation, but in all truth, moving around as much as possible can improve one's health in so many ways. Just moving around the house and stretching daily is a start!

If you are physically able and willing to exercise but Mother Nature "rains on your exercise parade", then make a back up plan! Have some exercises ready to do indoors and a fitness tape to follow and get your heart rate up-to increase the effects of your efforts!

Sometimes there won't be access to hiking trails or parks or fitness centers although, so you'll have to make exercising convenient for yourself. While your at it, make it fit into your daily routine as well-if you have a favorite show to watch, set up in front of the TV and exercise while you watch it-and give yourself time for more activities later in the evening!

Lastly, you can always see if there are fun activities in your neighborhood and join those. You can find charity walks/runs almost anywhere, or join a local YMCA for some fun small fitness classes to help you stay motivated and make more friends!

Finding motivation really comes from getting over that first huge step and fitting simple exercises into your daily routing. This makes the transition smoother, and you can choose exercises that YOU like and those that actually work for you.