The world is health aware finally and everyone wants to lose some weight. After all there is an obesity epidemic right? People need to lose some poundage and they need to lose it quickly. It's a matter of life and death for some people! Well, the problem is that losing weight is not an easy task. Even though there are advertisements everywhere claiming fast weight loss results you can't buy into the hype.

The only thing that works for weight loss is a life style change. You have to put in a sustained and prolonged effort with diet and exercise and you have to establish a routine. After a few months of working hard and staying active with your routine you will eventually start to see that your weight loss goals are being met.

The problem is that a lot of people struggle with sustained efforts. Their will power might not be strong enough, they lose motivation too easily, and they give up. If you give up you're never going to reach your goals and you'll always be discouraged and fat. Miserable and fat is no way to live.

Luckily there are some tricks you can play on yourself that will help you to stay focused for that sustained gradual healthy weight loss that will put you in a better mood and leave you with a much healthier lifestyle. This article will explain just one of those many little mind tricks.

Things You Will Need

All you'll need for this mind trick is a pedometer watch and the willpower to get out there and run every day. You also need to have enough motivation to throw away your scale. We won't be needing it anymore where we're going.

The problem with most weight loss routines is that they focus too much on your body weight. When you're trying to lose weight you're jumping on the scale to check your body weight every other day and you're getting discouraged that the numbers aren't going down fast enough. When you don't see enough progress you are going to lose interest much faster because the willpower has to make up for the lack of motivation.

Here's where the mind trick comes into play. Because you threw out your scale you can't possibly check your body weight every day so how are you going to track your progress over time? Well, that's why you went out and purchased a pedometer watch. Every time you go out for a run you are to wear your pedometer watch and keep track of the amount of steps you are taking.

Your goal is to surpass the previous day's step count by at least 15 steps. You are to mark every day's step count in an excel spread sheet and chart it on a line graph. As the weeks go by you will see your progress go up and down depending on how much you've ran each day. This will keep you motivated because you want to always raise the numbers and you will constantly be reminded that the numbers are going up and up. Rising numbers are more interesting to watch than falling numbers and since you are accumulating more and more steps every day you will eventually be running for miles and miles.
Keep up your exercise routine as long as you can because after about month 2 of this exercise routine you can jump on a scale and see how much you weigh. If you followed the rules and ran every day you will see a huge decrease in your body weight. I guarantee it.

Tips & Warnings

My only warning is against laziness. If you don't do the work you aren't going to see the results. Just keep tracking your progress and focus on the step count given to you by the pedometer watch and not on your body weight.