Working in an office might seem to be a leisurely way to make a living, but the sedentary nature of the environment and the mental stress can be tiring. Here are 5 things you can do to stay healthy at work.

Things You Will Need

Lunch cooler

Indoor plants

Water Bottle

Step 1

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Take regular breaks
Staring into a computer and talking on the phone can tire you out mentally and give you a headache from eyestrain. Try to get up and walk around or go outside every hour or two. This gives your eyes a rest from staring at tiny writing on the computer screen. If you go too long without taking breaks, your eyestrain may start to develop into headaches. If you can, go outside on your breaks and take a short walk if possible. The fresh air helps wake up your brain and the exercise will get your blood flowing again after sitting.

Step 2

Drink water while you are at work.
Working in an office can dehydrate you due to the dry air conditioning. If you have a cup of coffee or two in the morning, the caffeine in the coffee dehydrates you even more. Get a glass bottle or a safe plastic water bottle and fill it during the day with water to keep yourself hydrated and save money on bottled water. Keeping enough water in your system enables you to think better and helps fight fatigue.

Step 3

Bring plants in
The recycled air in offices is not the best thing to breathe. Carpet glue, formaldehyde from furniture, and toner from copiers all contribute to unhealthy air. In addition to going outside on your breaks for some fresh air, bring some plants in to put around your desk. They help create more oxygen around your workspace. They also love the fluorescent lighting in many offices.

Step 4

Bring fresh food and snacks from home.
It is easy to eat unhealthy foods at work because you eat whatever is nearby. Bring fresh fruit and vegetables to snack on during the day so you don't eat candy or vending machine junk food when you get hungry. Bringing your lunch a couple of times a week is a good way to eat healthier and save money.

Step 5

Stretch at your desk
Stretching at your desk can help keep you from getting stiff and sore from too much repetitive movement. The Mayo Clinic has a series of stretches you can do at your desk to help loosen up your muscles at this link. Mayo Clinic Desk Stretches I hope you find these tips useful for staying healthy at work.

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