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Staying healthy is one of the best ways to boost the immune system in fighting disease, infection, colds, the flu as well as to improve thinking and memory, get radiant skin, reduce general malaise or lack of energy. Take it slow at first if you need to make major changes to your diet and lifestyle to avoid being overwhelmed. Follow these guidelines for optimal health and avoiding illnesses to look and feel your best through any season as you boost your immune system and stay healthy.

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Things You'll Need:

Awareness of surroundings

Balanced diet

Copy of Food Pyramid guide

Vitamin/Mineral supplements



Frequent hand washing


Step 1

Be aware of your surroundings

In order to stay healthy, make sure to have an acute awareness of your surroundings. There are sick people all around us every day so, to stay healthy we need to be aware of people that could be spreading germs. This includes watching people that may be coughing, sneezing and then touching their hands and face. They have potentially transferred germs to themselves and this would not be the right time to go and shake their hand. Stay home if not feeling well and avoid large crowds during cold/flu season if at all possible. Use the human body's defense system to stay healthy!

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Step 2

Follow the food pyramid guide to boost immune system

Maintaining a well balanced diet will help to keep the body and the immune system healthy at all times as well as helping to ward off disease, infection, colds, flu and general malaise or sluggishness and to increase energy. Follow the Food Pyramid Guide as suggested by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) as a guide to what foods to include daily to maintain optimal health, reduce the chances of getting sick and to boost the immune system.

*Keep track of the changes made to the Food Pyramid as the Department of Agriculture is always studying ways to improve it. Lately, the newest suggested change is to use a food plate to choose the correct portion size for optimal health and wellness. Check out an adult food plate and consider using it to help determine and stick to proper food portions.

Step 3

Supplement with multiple vitamins

Adding a daily vitamin and mineral supplement can assist us to stay healthy and ward off diseases, colds and flu. If it's difficult to eat the perfectly well balanced meal daily (and for most people, it is), adding supplements can ensure that the body receives the proper nutrition it needs to stay healthy. Add extra Vitamin A, B6, C, E, as well as Zinc and Selenium to enhance the body' s production of white blood cells as natural antibodies that fight infection. B vitamins increase energy and all of these vitamins will help to boost the body's defense system. Try a liquid vitamin if pills are hard to take or if they upset your stomach.

Step 4

Exercise to increase health and wellness and the immune system

Making exercise part of the daily routine will increase the overall health and wellness of the body. Exercise increases oxygen to the organs, increases blood flow, enhances sleep, improves the thinking process and memory, improves circulation and the metabolic rate as well as increases strength and stamina to help fight infections and illness. Exercise also strengthens the body so that it can fight disease and illness quicker to faster healing.

Step 5

Drink extra water to boost immune system

Water is 65% of the body and replacing what is lost daily is so essential for optimal health. By drinking the correct amount for your particular weight and age (typically 6-8 glasses/day), water will help to flush out unwanted toxins that can include colds, flu and other illnesses of the digestive tract. Read How to Make your own Flavored Water to Save Money.

Step 6

Wash hands frequently

Washing the hands frequently is the most important thing that everyone can do to stay healthy to fight and eliminate disease, infection, colds and flu.
Any time you touch your face or body, wash your hands and when returning home, wash your hands. Be sure to cough or sneeze into the elbow of the arm or use a tissue to avoid spreading illnesses. Always wash your hands afterwards. Remind others around you to do the same.

Step 7

Get a good night of sleep

Never underestimate the health benefits of getting a good night's sleep. Sleep is when our bodies revitalize and renew our cells. Allow the body 7-8 hours of sleep per night to build the immune system as well as to rest, heal and allow proper utilization of energy efficiency. Read my suggestions for Better Sleep Tips.

Step 8

Add fresh herbs to the daily diet

Fresh herbs have naturally built in body enhancers that not only improve the taste of food but, really work hard to give our bodies everything it needs to look and feel better. Grow your own or buy fresh herbs in the grocery store and learn how to dry fresh herbs for daily use in many of your meals.

As a bonus tip, I have to say how much my family absolutely loves using our neti pots and I highly recommend them for staying healthy and free of disease and illness. Check out my How to Use a Neti Pot if you're not familiar with them, you're gonna love it too!

 Tips & Warnings

  • Seek medical advice if taking medications before adding supplements as some medications interfere with vitamin and mineral absorption.

  • Try to eat properly with five to six small meals per day to obtain all the necessary vitamins, essential amino acids and minerals that the body needs daily to maintain optimal health and wellness.

  • Take small steps at improving your health as often it can be overwhelming to make drastic changes to your diet and lifestyle but, every change you make will help.

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