With the captivating majesty of lighthouses serving as the cornerstone of both collectible antiques and marvelous paintings alike, it's a shame that many people love lighthouses yet have never sought out one for an overnight stay. As a proverbial beacon to all waterway vessels, whether a particular lighthouse still serves a functional purpose in that respect or not, many lighthouses do continue to offer overnight accomodations that few seem to know about.

From the vast United States' coastline to a plethora of potential lighthouse overnight stay candidates everywhere from Canada to Ireland and South Africa, there are literally hundreds of lighthouses throughout the world that you can pick from dependent upon your country of preference and taste. Whether for an anniversary outing, or just for the general experience, few people consider staying overnight at a lighthouse to be a viable alternative to hotels that can quickly become a bland experience.

Things You Will Need

a Vehicle or a Boat (to access the lighthouse)
a Map and/or GPS (to find the lighthouse)
a Computer (to Research)

Step 1

First and foremost, you will have to determine what exactly you would like to have in an overnight lighthouse stay experience. While some people may be indifferent, others may get so involved in specificity that they care very much about particular elements such as even the color and presentation of a particular lighthouse. Geographic considerations may require you to limit your search for lighthouses that are only a certain distance, within reason, from where you actually live. For the bold of heart, who have bountiful pocket books, world travel can quickly reveal hundreds of lighthouses that are worthy of your overnight stay considerations.

Do you love the rolling green hills, and restless tides of the Irish coastline, perhaps the Blackhead Lighthouse (Northern Ireland) or the towering Wicklow Head Lighthouse may be the perfect match for you? Be careful, however, because a simple website visitation may reveal that a website of your interest may have been sold or is no longer available for overnight stay accomodations.

Step 2

You may very well have no idea what you'd like in an overnight stay lighthouse until you begin actually looking and exploring your options. With Google by your side, there are many websites that exist that have very comprehensive lists of lighthouses throughout the world. Unfortunately, while these websites do certainly exist, the specific lighthouse websites that they link to may be broken links (they don't exist or have expired). Oftentimes, however, if you find a name of a particular lighthouse of interest, Google Images may allow you to see at least a picture of it just by searching the title of it.

You will be sure to find tremendous variations in lighthouse color, and architecture, throughout the world. For those who may be uncomfortable staying at the top of a lighthouse, many overnight stay lighthouses may only offer accomodations for sleep at its base. This may or may not be a good thing dependent upon what benefits you are looking to gain in your overnight stay. If lodging at the top of a lighthouse is important to you then, of course, you will want to avoid a lighthouse that only offers accomodations exclusively at its base.

Step 3

When searching out potential lighthouses for overnight stay accomodations, it is important that you do your research. Knowing what you are getting into, with respect to offerings, can save you a great deal of anxiety and headaches when you actually arrive at your destination. If a lighthouse's website doesn't specify information regarding how you would actually access it, be sure to call and seek clarification especially if it is a top choice of yours. While you may easily be able to access a lighthouse by car, you may need to access it by boat which either may or may not be offered by the owner, with or without an additional cost to you. Generally speaking, additional charges should be listed on lighthouse's website, however, that isn't always the the case.

If you call a lighthouse for any reason, one question of upmost importance to ask would be if there are any other special considerations or instructions that should be taken before you book your overnight stay. There may certainly be something, unknown to yourself, that you should do or consider that may not be immediately evident. Asking a question such as that should elicit a response that will help you to best plan accordingly.

Enthralled by a simplistic majesty that few seem to consider, seeking out overnight lighthouse stay accomodations can be a viable alternative to a bland hotel stay. Throughout the world, many lighthouses do exist, and your ability and willingness to experience them will be dependent upon your own preferences and monetary flexibility. Online, reviews from previous customers can oftentimes be read and give great indication as to what you can expect in terms of service, general location, and any elements that would otherwise make your overnight stay a less than enjoyable one.