Do you want to know how to stay positive and stop being that grumpy? These are my strategies:

Exercise more often.

It may be simple, but it's a fact. Exercise makes you happier. It has been shown that depression is related to low levels of serotonin and norepinephrine. If you do some exercise, you'll be increasing these neurotransmitters.

I don't know you, but when I exercise regularly, I feel a lot better. My energy is skyrocketed the whole day and I feel good. My self-steem improves, the world is not so bad, my sexual life is better, my dog seems to love me more... The butterfly effects are amazing. Body chemicals can impact your life much more than you think.

So why not hack our bodies to feel better? It just take a little constant exercise.

Do something that matters.

Just do something that you consider important (not urgent!) and do it. It could be a little step towards a big goal of yours, a little writing, a drawing, an act of love for someone... It doesn't matter how small it is, the key is to feel that you are on your way to live the life that you want, that you are doing something productive with your time. And that will also boost your self-steem.

Develop your superpowers through positive thinking.

If you pay attention to what is going on in your head, chances are that you catch some negative thoughts. They go unnoticed and attack your self-steem without you being aware of that.

Why don't you start creating positive thoughts about yourself and about the world? Really. Sit down a moment and do it. Remind yourself of the good things you have and feel them as vividly as you can and plan to use them at their full potential in your life. Think of them as your superpowers because this is what they really are. If you don't value your superpowers, others won't do either. This could be the only thing that is stopping you from being a superhero!

Believe me, after some time, you'll have a full army of positive thoughts to fight the hordes of the Negative.

Know yourself. The real you, I mean.

You have to realize that you are not what you think. You're something else. Thoughts change. You are entitled to change your mind, your likings, your values... These are changing things. But the core, YOU, is that part that doesn't change. Try to look beyond all these layers and find out who you really are.

In this sense, if some day you feel sad or depressed, you need to be aware that this is only a momentary feeling and accept it. You are not this state of mind, you are more than that. The world you are able to experience is bigger than that. In fact, you control your reality by choosing how to feel it, how to experience it, but this can be hard to do because we are not used to detach ourselves from our minds that much.

This is why I recommend you to do some meditation, as a way to be in contact with the things that matter and learn to be present. Allow yourself a few minutes a day to be in your Zone. Just focusing on your breathing and letting your thoughts come and go as if they were not part of you. The clarity of mind that comes from this practice will bring some balance to your life and will create an anti-negativity shield.

That's all what I got. I hope you find these suggestions as useful as they are for me.