It is often said that a rider's life is on the line every time he goes out to travel using his motorcycle. This cliché didn't materialize without any reasons to back it up. Motorcycle-related injuries are reaching new highs each year. According to the 2008 statistics from the California Highway Patrol, in the Los Angeles area alone, there were 42 deaths and 1,289 injuries that resulted from motorcycle accidents. There were also 114 people dead and 2,934 injured during the same year in the Los Angeles County as a whole.

These Los Angeles motorcycle accidents could have been avoided if only the riders were a little more careful and knowledgeable. They already know that they're riding a very dangerous vehicle that's notorious for taking away more lives compared to automobiles so easily. When it comes to riding a motorcycle, obeying traffic laws are not the only thing to abide by. Here are some more tips to ensure that your next motorcycle ride won't end tragically.

  • Undergo intensive motorcycle training – Motorcyclists also undergo training like that of a car driver. Policemen undergo this to train beyond basic qualification and licensing, but it also Covers Street riding refreshers, sport riding, off-road techniques, and competitive skills for the motorcycle racetrack. Mandatory motorcycle training is customary in Europe.

  • Personal protective equipment – Aside from a sturdy helmet, certain types of jackets, gloves, pants, boots, and even armors can be used to protect the body from injuries when riding a motorcycle. People who almost always ride a motorcycle are recommended to use these since they obviously are more prone to motorcycle accidents. Leather equipment can protect motorcyclists better than the ordinary cotton so the equipment might as well be made in leather to be more effective.

  • Airbag devices – Nowadays, motorcyclists can also use airbags to minimize the impact of a crash, if ever they happen to encounter one. A motorcycle airbag may come in the form of a fuel tank mounted airbag or an inflatable airbag jacket. The latter kind is more effective, but also more expensive than the former.

  • Knowledge about the road and its laws – When it comes down to it, a little bit more familiarity about the straights and the swerves of the road you're driving on (and its laws, of course) can help you assure your safety on it.

Ensuring our safety when riding a motorcycle may be a little exaggerated to some, judging from these tips. However, for people who often or always use this vehicle as a means of transportation, exaggeration is the only way to guarantee that their lives are in good hands. If you can use a different method or vehicle to go places, then you're better off using that rather than a motorcycle. Otherwise, you'd have to go the extra miles to stay safe and avoid being the next motorcycle casualty.