Animals and farms seem to go hand in hand. While some farms will have a smaller number to boast of, others lay claim to a larger variety and number of these farm animals. Of course farm animals are safer than wild animals, but it is important to not confuse them with domesticated animals. Farm animals can cause injury and one must learn how to stay safe around them.

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farm-animals (28754)Never anger or scare the animal – The natural instinct of farm animals must be given its due respect when interacting with them. In case you tease the animal or scare it, the likelihood of the animal attacking you will increase manifold. Keep in mind that an angered or scared animal can become quite ferocious. Even a hen can attack with the ferocity of a large animal, if she is angered immensely.

Never mix kids and animals – Farm animals are not pets and one should make sure that children are not allowed near these animals. In case there is a petting session in order, then the adult and the animal expert must stay close in order to prevent a situation from turning nasty. A slight waving of the tail of a horse can also cause lacerations on a child's face. So maintain high caution in this scenario.

Maintain hygiene – Farm animals can suffer from certain ailments and this is why it is important to maintain hygiene and clean up after interacting with them. There are several diseases that can be contracted from farm animals, even if they are vaccinated. Avoid touching the animals unless absolutely necessary and always carry a disinfectant in order to keep the germs in control.

Feed cautiously – Farm animals are used to being fed in a particular way and at a certain time. When feeding these animals, it is important to keep their ritual in mind and follow it through since the animals are used to it. It is best to leave the food on the floor and move away from it in order to allow the animal a clear access to the food. In case feeding the animal by hand, make sure that a safe distance is maintained and the animal is never close enough to be able to bite the fingers.

Never show fear - Animals sense fear instantly and this is why it is important that you maintain your calm while interacting with farm animals. While it is important to not scare them, it should be clear to the animal that you are the boss. Sensing fear is likely to make the animal aggressive and more prone to attacking you.

Learn control tactics – There are certain maneuvers that will help to control farm animals and learning these will help to stay safe around them. In times when the animal does react, these tactics will help to control and calm it down too. So do learn a few of these tricks so as be safer with farm animals.Animals, whether domesticated or not can be cute, but can also be very dangerous when not approached or handled correctly. These steps can help you and your family learn how to be safe around farm animals of all kinds.

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