Farm machinery is used to substitute mechanical power for the human effort in order to get the job done faster and with lesser effort. While these machines are no doubt very useful, they are also very powerful, which is why it is crucial to maintain a certain caution level when around them.

Things You Will Need

Even when a machine is not in use, it can cause injury and therefore safety around farm machines is of utmost importance. Some pointers to keep in mind here are listed below –farm-machinery

Clothing – When around farm machinery is it important to wear fitted garments. Loose and flowing clothes could get entangled in the machine and cause grave injury. All loose ends of the garment must be tucked in properly including the shoe laces and any other similar strings.
Controls – Understanding the controls of the machinery and learning to operate it is very important. You must know how the machine can be started and stopped and all other controls that it may have. Operating the machine without fully understanding the controls and without proper guidance, can also result in fatal accidents. The machinery must be in your control at all given times.
Protective gear- Wearing the right protective gear while going close to farm machinery is very important. Gloves, helmets, glasses and other such safety gears can help save your life in case of an accident. So never make the mistake of overlooking these requirements.
Alert- Always stay alert when near farm machinery. Even a small mistake can result in a serious injury and therefore your mind should be focused on the machine and how to operate it. Do not go close to these machines in an intoxicated state of mind or if you are tired or otherwise stressed. Most accidents occur due to negligence rather than malfunctioning of the machine.
Service – Farm machinery is very likely to malfunction in case it is not serviced well or if it is missing a part. So make sure you have checked that all parts of the machinery are intact and that the oiling and greasing of the machinery is also taken care of. Also look into the pipes of the machine to ensure that a blockage is not plugging it up in any way.
It is a fact that several farm machinery accidents occur each year and many of them are fatal too. Many a times one ends up loosing a limb or even sight. However, with a few simple cautions these accidents can be avoided and the machine can be enjoyed for the purpose that it was intended for.

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