Use these walking safety tips the next time you head outdoors for exercise

8 Steps to Walking Safely

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More and more people are deciding to exercise by taking a power walk to improve overall health and fitness and to boost the immune system. The last thing you want when you're doing something positive for yourself such as outdoor exercising is for something bad to happen to you in the form of bone or joint injury, getting mugged or worse. Learn how to stay safe while your outside with these easy tips so you can focus on your health and wellness and getting into shape!

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Things You'll Need:

Walking shoes




Quiet/safe area

Mace/pepper spray

Cell phone

Step 1


Have proper walking shoes

The first thing to have prepared for a walk are a good pair of sturdy, proper fitting walking shoes. If you're ever in trouble during a power walk, without good fitting shoes, you won't be able to run or get away easily. These Sketchers Shape Ups are the most highly rated by customers for a fitness walking shoe on

Step 2


To stay safe during walking, always include wearing a sunscreen with an spf of 30 to protect your skin. Being exposed to the sun is dangerous to the largest organ of the body, so keep the skin safe and always wear a sunscreen before heading out on the power walk. Make sure to reapply sunscreen during perspiration, you'll need a full ounce as one dosage so no skimping! Protect your eyes too from the dangers of the sun with sunglasses and a hat to avoid sunburn injury.

Step 3

Walk with a buddy to stay safe

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Choose a buddy to take those brisk high energy walks with you!  It will increase your safety to have someone with you in case of injury or for any other needed assistance plus it makes the time go faster and more enjoyable with a friend.

Step 4

Stay focused on walking safety

Leave the headphones at home during a power walk. Headphones are distracting when the focus should be on walking, breathing, building endurance and staying safe during an exercise walk.

Step 5

Choose a safe area to walk

Choose a quiet and safe area to power walk. Some good choices are your neighborhood if it's safe, a park, a school track, the beach or a walking trail. Vary your route daily so no one can follow you. Safety is key when you're walking outdoors!

Step 6

Carry a cell phone

Carry a cell phone to stay safe during a power walk. If you ever get in trouble or have an injury, it will be helpful to be able to call for assistance immediately from your cell phone instead of hoping that someone will come to your rescue. These days, who doesn't have a cell phone! Use it wisely.

Step 7

Carry mace/pepper spray to stay safe

Carry a set of keys, a whistle and mace/pepper spray during a walk to stay safe. Hopefully they won't be necessary to use but, in the event you find yourself in an unsafe situation, they could be very useful to have with you. Check out this compact convenient to carry pepper spray with key holder on amazon for less than $8.

Step 8

Beware of unleashed pets on a power walk

Above all, maintain an awareness of your surroundings to stay safe during outdoor exercise such as walking. Pay attention to other people, unleashed pets, vehicles and other walkers and be ready to change your direction or run if anything feels or seems unsafe. Following these tips should help you stay safe during a power walk.


Tips & Warnings

  • Always stretch before and after a walk to maintain safety to joints and muscles

  • Drink plenty of water during and after exercising

  • Avoid heavy traffic areas for safety

  • Be careful all distractions during walking

  • Share with your family and friends to help them stay safe too!

  • Avoid injury during a power walk

Pepper Spray when you need it

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