Just because you do not have enough money to buy expensive house heaters does not necessarily mean you would let yourself get sick because of cold summer nights or freezing winter days.

Keeping your body warm is an essential even when have no money. In fact, staying warm does not have to cost anything when you know a few old-fashioned ways of doing so


Keeping Warm without Heating

Whether your heating has recently broken down or you want to save more on electricity due to budget limitations, it pays to think positive and do what you can do. 

It is important not to be discouraged by tough times like this.

It won’t be cold forever but for the meantime that you are feeling cold, here are some great ways of keeping yourself warm:

  1. Let the sun in during the day by opening windows and blinds. Close them right before dusk so you trap enough heat inside. This simple technique works wonders.  You do not only let the heat in during the day but you get to minimize light use as well.
  2. Before the winter or cold summer nights come, be sure to inspect weather stripping on exterior door and window.  Replacing them might cost a small bit, but that will be less than running electric heaters.
  3. Check the seal of the interior doors as well.  If there is a gap where cold air can enter, you might want to visit your local hardware store and get some sweep to seal the gap.  They are functional flexible plastic strips that can do wonders by preventing cold air from entering your living areas.
  4. Wear all the proper clothing.  Bring out those thick, cozy sweaters and wooly socks.  Layering always does the trick in the winter season.  Do you know that this works just the same as wearing no sweater at home with the heater turned on?  With no heater and sweater on, you get to save more.  If you reduce your thermostat temperature by 1 degree you save about 3% in annual heating costs. If you turn it down by 4 degrees you could save £120 over a year. 
  5. Never forget your underwear.  Some people simply hate wearing underwear whenever they sleep.  If you want to save electricity and still be warm, we suggest keeping your underwear on when you go to bed.
  6. Always close doors even in rooms inside the house.  Most people do not realize the great importance of keeping the doors closed in keeping the whole house cozy; this applies to closet and bathroom doors as well.
  7. If you are in a house with multiple rooms, heat only one room and get the rest of the household members to stay there rather than having the heating running in each room.
  8. Make use of heated throws and blankets.  They also do wonders in keeping you perfectly warm and cozy.
  9. When cooking at night, open the oven door once you are fully done cooking. This will give a sudden burst of heat in your kitchen making the area warm, cozy, and perfect just in time for dinner.  You can then leave the oven door a bit open.  There is a lot of heat inside the oven and you can put that into good use of heating up the room after cooking. 
  10. Always check your fireplace.  Once there are no more glowing coals in the fireplace, you better shut the flue or damper so that the heat stays in and the cold air stays out.
  11. Hot water bottles are another old-fashioned trick that is highly effective.  For improved safety, you can opt for the rubberized ones to prevent minor burns and scalds.
  12. Do check your attic entry.  Check your storage area for pieces of insulation or even old blankets to cover your attic entry; this will prevent your heat from escaping into your roof-space
  13. If you need heaters then modern halogen heaters give you instant heat at a reasonable running cost and certainly for less than a radiant fire or fan heater would cost

Most of these great tips are undoubtedly old-fashioned but they still work to keep you warm and alive when the weather starts getting colder.  Most are also simple and practical tips that could not only save you money but keep you warm and cozy during the cold winter evenings.


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