When you are feeling chilly on a cold day, it can be tempting to crank up the heat to stay warm. However, turning up the thermostat makes heating bills go up, too. You can keep heating bills down and help with fuel costs by learning to stay warm on a cold day without touching the thermostat setting.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Photo-SXCDress in layers for added warmth. Putting on a long sleeve shirt instead of a short sleeve shirt will make you a bit warmer. However, if you are really cold, it is smarter to wear them both. To stay really warm, you should put on an undershirt made of silk, stick a nice cotton shirt over that and top the whole thing off with a cotton or wool sweater.

Step 2

Socks Photo-SXCWear socks. A lot of your body heat escapes through your feet and cold floors can add to the problem. Pull on a pair of cotton socks and top them with a nice pair of wool socks to warm yourself up fast.

Step 3

Pull on a hat. The top of your head lets a lot of heat out. If you're still feeling chilly, grab a stocking hat and put it on. You may not look like a fashion statement, but you'll feel toasty.

Step 4

Use handwarmers. For chilled hands, a pair of driving gloves with handwarmers tucked inside can warm things up fast. I prefer to use my own handwarmers over the kind you buy and use up. I just make little flannel pillows that I fill with rice instead of fiberfil and then microwave them to heat them up. I made a neckwarmer, too.

Step 5

Wear your slippers. In particularly cold rooms, such as a sun room with a tile floor, socks aren't enough to keep away the chill. Keep a pair of slippers in rooms like this so you can keep your feet warm while you are in the rooms.

Step 6

Hot Drink Photo-SXCDrink a warm beverage. A cup of hot tea or a mug of cocoa can heat you up from the inside. You also get to enjoy holding that toasty warm cup in your cold hands as you sip the hot drink.

Step 7

Keep moving. Sitting still and vegging out in front of the tv isn't just a time waster and creativity killer. If you sit still, you get chilled more quickly than if you're moving around and burning calories. Now you have an even bigger incentive to hop on the treadmill this winter!

Once you are prepared to stay warm on a cold day, you will still want to adjust your thermostat, but, instead of turning it up, you'll be wondering how low you can go without freezing your pipes. I kept my thermostat at 50 degrees when I lived in a city row home and was nice and cozy all winter long.

Tips & Warnings

When you are cold, dressing in clothing made with natural fibers is better than dressing in clothing made with man made fibers. Natural fibers pull sweat away from your body and help you stay dry, warm and comfortable.

If you feel really warm and do decide to turn your thermostat down, be sure that pipes on outside walls are well insulated and that they stay warm enough with lower temperatures. You don't want to save on fuel and then find yourself spending all of the savings and then some to repair your plumbing.