We all know what late nights, crazy parties and poor diets would do to us. The effects of all these might not be felt when we are young but as we age, these will definitely take a toll on our health, body and skin. Many people make the mistake of ignoring the side effects of such a lifestyle and do nothing until they start to see signs of ageing surfacing. It is definitely not a myth that such ill effects will kick in so rather than wait for them to set in, it is best to take preventive measures first.

Although it is impossible to alter the amount of pollution in the air or change our genetics or DNA, we should change whatever is within our control. Therefore, start with fixing our current lifestyle or habits. Studies have shown that exercise allows you to stay fit and strong. But did you know that sweating allows the body to exfoliate bacteria hidden in the pores? So be prepared to sweat it out to remove the toxins from the body for a healthier system.

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Maintain your skin in tip top condition by adopting a regular skincare regime that is suitable for your skin type. On top of your basic cleansing, toning and moisturising, include a supplementary product like night creams and collagen creams to boost your skin texture. These anti ageing products act to provide relief to your skin and depending on what type you purchase; there are different properties that will help to achieve a youthful demeanour. Some of the products come with hydrating properties; others come have soothing or calming effects so it really depends on what you are looking for. There are many places where you can find collagen cream reviews so you would not be at a loss about which type to purchase. Always look for those that are close to your skin type or else you might suffer from allergic reactions or the product would simply be ineffective.

A major luxury of anyone living in cosmopolitan cities now is sleep. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago, in particular Dr Eve Van Cauter, found a strong link between sleep and aging. Our skin cells are unable to rejuvenate if we have little sleep and introduce more free radicals into our body. This is the reason why our skin looks dull and lifeless if we have prolonged periods of little sleep. Sleeping is always sacrificed in place of leisure and work so give these a miss if you can and try to allocate at least 2 days to get adequate rest.