When you move into a new place, often times an Internet connection has yet to be installed in your new residence. If you just moved into an apartment, chances are many people in your building have wireless setup already that you can steal... I mean borrow!

Things You Will Need

You are going to need a computer with a wireless adapter that we will use to try and connect to your neighbor's wireless networks.

Step 1

The first step to do once your computer is booted up is to find the wireless icon in the system tray located in the bottom right of the screen in Windows XP/Vista.

Step 2

Next right click on it, and then click 'View Available Wireless Networks'.

Step 3

If you live in a heavily populated region you should see a decent sized list of available networks.

Step 4

Unfortunately, if they say they are 'security enabled wireless network' you will not be able to connect unless you know the password.

Step 5

The secret is to look for one that is not security enabled and double click on it. This will tell your computer to attempt to connect to this wireless network.

Step 6

You should look for the open wireless network with the best signal so you get a faster connection.

Step 7

If it works, you should be able to open up your web browser and try to surf the web.

Step 8

If you can't surf the web, go back and try another one until you find one that works. Good luck stealing your neighbor's Internet while you wait for your own connection to be installed!

Tips & Warnings