Stick to your lose weight plansLots of people make lose weight plans this time of year. Unfortunately few stick to those plans and some never even get started. Generally it isn't because they don't want to lose weight. It's just it's hard to stay motivated during the long diet period.  We all know dieting is tough and working out is hard, if it wasn't it would be called party time.  I've listed below some ways to stay motivated and stick to your lose weight plans.

  1. Take a 'fat' photo of yourself. Look at this when your lose weight plans are faltering
  2. Set realistic short term goals for yourself
  3. Reward yourself with something when you attain your weekly goals and stick to your lose weight plans
  4. Associate with fit and healthy people, even others who have their own lose weight plans, sometimes just sitting down with an obviously healthy coworker over lunch and talking about fitness can really motivate you.
  5. Join an online weight loss community and share your weight loss plans, goals and results.  This is tough and we all need somebody to share our 'pain' with sometimes.
  6. Allow yourself a cheat meal every week, to continually deny yourself the simple pleasure of a piece of cake will set you up for failure.  Have something 'bad' once a week so you don't feel totally denied
  7. Buy yourself a healthy eating cookbook and try a new healthy meal every week
  8. Donate your fat clothes when they become too big to wear, this is a great way to stick to your lose weight plans since you really can't go back once you do this
  9. Keep a diet and exercise log and monitor your progress and what foods you eat, remember there will be ups and downs, good weeks and bad weeks.  When you have a bad day you'll be able to look at your log and see where you went wrong and make the proper correction the next week.
  10. If you ever feel like quitting your lose weight plans, just look at #1

So there you have it, 10 easy things to do to motivate yourself to stick to your plans to lose weight . I hope this help you achieve your weight loss goals. You'll also find other helpful links throughout this page to help you stick to your lose weight plans.

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