It can be difficult to stick with an exercise program. You might feel like you don't have enough time, or the workout might be low on your priorities list once the other demands of the day start.  One way to help you make exercise a habit is with a regimen using a token reward system. This article will give tips on how to do this.

Step 1
Select an area where you can put your tokens and containers. Putting your tokens in a highly visible area will ensure that you don't just forget about exercising. I put mine over the TV. That way if I'm sitting and watching it, I see it and think "I should be moving around while I watch this show." Multitasking is a great time saver.

Step 2
Remember every time you eat a snack. When you eat one serving of an unhealthy snack or dessert, you will place a token from the first container into the clear container. That token represents extra calories that you need to burn off. A good guideline to start is 1 chocolate = 1 token, and 1 cookie/brownie = 2 tokens.

Step 3
Count your tokens each day. When you plan your workout for the day, you should walk briskly for 10 minutes for every 1 token you have. So if you eat a cookie for snack and a chocolate for dessert, walk for 20 minutes.

Step 4
Consider how many tokens you have each day BEFORE you say yes to a snack. If you were unable to work out the day before, and you know you have 3 tokens waiting for you at home, don't have an unhealthy snack that day. Instead, have fruit or veggies. Then when you go home, catch up on the workout you missed and exercise for those 30 minutes so that the next day you can have a treat.

Step 5
This give and take system with the tokens helps you two-fold. It will help you keep track of how much junk you are eating, but still allow you to have SOME. Everything in moderation. It will also help you keep track of how active you should be, based on your diet.

Step 6
Diet and exercise are the two most important things we can control in order to manage our weight. A plan that helps you keep track of both at once, in a very simple way is much more likely to succeed than diet plans that have you counting every calorie, or diets that don't let you eat any treats that you love. I hope you find that this plan works for you, because it has helped me. Good luck! 

Tips and Warnings:
•  If you are not achieving your weight loss or maintenance goals, you could try walking 15 minutes for every 1 token.
•  Or do 10 minutes of more rigorous exercise instead.
•  Or you could count each portion of starches you eat during meals and put a token in for those as well.
•  My numbers here are just a starting point that worked for me, but everyone's weight and diet are different, so we are all starting from a different place.