In years gone by it was only the likes of James Bond or people who knew things that they shouldn't who lived in fear of being tracked down via their telephone, and then usually only by shady Government organisations or criminal mastermind style nemesis. But these days mobile phone GPS tracking technology is easily accessible for a price to virtually anybody, and is made use of by employers, jealous partners, and concerned parents, to spy on and trace the location of the owner of any given mobile phone.

What is Mobile Phone GPS Tracking?

Mobile phones constantly emit what is known as a 'roaming signal', this is a signal sent out by the mobile phone that is used to determine which nearby antenna tower to connect to for optimum use. As the mobile phone user moves around the mobile phone tower to which they are connected changes also, switching to whichever antenna is able to provide the strongest signal in any given area, with this generally being the nearest tower located to the user. And so in this way it is possible to determine the approximate location of any mobile phone owner, as long as the phone is kept upon their person.

And GPS enabled mobile telephones can be tracked via the Global Positioning Satellites network with ever increasing accuracy. Meaning that you can be located at any time, anywhere on Earth.

How Do I Stop Mobile Phone GPS Tracking?

Are you simply being paranoid? Or do you have good reason to be? 
Perhaps you've tried wrapping your mobile phone in aluminum foil, or encased it in concrete in a bid to throw off those who have you in their sights. But whilst such things may be effective (to a degree) they will at best be impractical, and at worst will render your mobile phone useless. 
There really is only one way to avoid being traced via your mobile, or to fool those who follow you into believing that you are in one place, whilst in fact you are elsewhere. And that is by making use of the 'call-forwarding' functions now made available to you by virtually all mobile phone networks.

Is Big Brother Watching You?

Purchase a second mobile phone and configure your original mobile phone to divert or forward all incoming calls to your new mobile. And then place the original in a 'safe' location elsewhere. Thus even when faced with the advanced and imposing technologies of Earth orbiting satellites, the secret of your location and your privacy with it, remain safely yours.