Many network marketing programs may still teach the old method of cold calling to generate new leads. I never liked the thought of cold calling. It is invasive and dealing with rejection on a regular basis does not sound very productive. Thankfully, there are much better ways to generate new leads without having to pick up the phone and dial up strangers to do so.

Thanks to the power of the internet, new leads are there for the taking if you learn about the ways in which to attract them. The issue many new network marketers run into is that they have no marketing experience at all. This is fine, however, if they do not take it upon themselves to learn some marketing skills, they will quickly learn how it feels to become frustrated in this industry. Without marketing, you are unable to make sales or build an organization.

Why Cold Calling is a Bad Choice in Network Marketing

First, almost everyone uses some caller ID or other phone screening feature on their home and cell phones. If they don't recognize the incoming call, chances are they won't even pick up. If you do get someone who answers there is an even higher chance they will not tolerate listening to your sales pitch. Who wants to deal with that?

Another reason cold calling isn't a good method is because it isn't easy to duplicate. If you are uncomfortable with calling strangers, why would you recommend using this method to your own downline? If new marketers came into the industry knowing that cold calling was a must, they would probably reconsider the entire business model. Marketing should be fun, not stressful.

Better Ways to Generate Leads

Using the internet is a convenient and much easier way to find new leads. In fact, the internet can help you to find targeted leads. Many of the leads that contact me have done so because of an article I've written or through my web site. That means that they have already read up on what I'm promoting and simply want to learn more about it. That is a targeted lead! Those are the types of people you want and should be making contact with.

You can begin getting these free leads by doing some basic internet marketing. Build blogs pertaining to your topic, write articles and submit them to free article directories, and create videos to upload to video sharing sites like YouTube or Viddler.

There are many more ways to use the internet to your advantage. Say goodbye to cold calling. Learn more about online marketing and make cold calling a thing of the past.

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