How to stop eating sweets. Eating sweets, or rather not eating sweets, requires a certain degree of self control. Here's how not to reach for the sugary sweet stuff, and to stop eating sweets and instead supplement your diet with more healthy options.

Things You Will Need

self control to stop eating sweets

other foods to satisfy your appetite for sweets

Step 1

First, to stop eating sweets or rather to not crave sweets anymore, do not opt for the sugar-free, or diet option of your favorite candy or soda. The lack of sugar in these products can leave you craving for more sweets, and you may feel it's your "reward" for eating sugar free candy to have just a bite of the real stuff. Stop this line of thinking in its tracks.

Step 2

Instead of stocking your refrigerator full of diet and no-sugar options, remove all temptations from your refrigerator straight to the garbage can, and avoid situations where eating sweets may be a temptation, such as that office party with doughnuts.

Step 3

To stop eating sweets, the next step is to replace some of the sugary stuff in your diet with more wholesome, healthy alternatives. Healthy food such as grains or vegetables will leave you feeling fuller for much longer than sweets will, so not only will you not crave anything more to eat, you stay full and don't need to eat as many sweets for the satisfying, "full stomach" feeling.

Step 4

Next, to stop eating sweets when you're craving them, substitute natural fruits into your diet for the sweet candy you've been munching on. Fruits contain natural fruit sugar, and fiber, which most candies lack. If you're craving something sweet, reach for fruit, or even dried fruits instead. If the fruit isn't quite the same as eating the sweets, or still leaves you desiring more candy, then dip the fruit in a small amount of chocolate or sugar - just don't overdo it.

Step 5

To stop eating sweets, finally, realize that fatty, sugary foods such as sweets don't need to be your crutch. Chocolates and sugars can become addictive if we use them to relieve stress and feelings of low self-esteem instead of proper methods of control - after all, chocolate has high antioxidants and produces the same hormones that arise with being in love. If you use sweets to control your stress, and its getting worse to the point where you can't stop eating sweets, consider seeing a mental health professional.

Remember that when you stop eating sweets, you take a step toward improving your life, so kicking the sugar addiction will be one of the best things you ever do for your health.

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