Old Redwing Boots
Credit: Dawn Michaels

Have you ever been too embarrassed to take off your shoes because you're afraid someone will be offended by the smell? Stinky feet can affect children and adults alike, including those who are generally clean individuals. Fortunately, there are some easy remedies that can control the issue for most people. Several of them are listed below. Some individuals might need to employ only one of them while others might have to use them all to neutralize their foot odor.

Careful washing - Thoroughly wash the feet with soap and comfortably hot water on a daily basis. Use a washcloth or other exfoliant, such as a clean, soft scrub brush. Rinse your feet well and then thoroughly dry them. Also wash the washcloth or brush in hot water and dry thoroughly.

Soaking - Soak your feet in white vinegar for about thirty minutes a day, every day until the odor is no longer an issue. Do not rinse. If pure white vinegar irritates your skin, dilute it with enough water that there is no irritation. The acidic properties of vinegar help make your feet an inhospitable environment for the growth of bacteria and fungus. If you can't stand the smell of vinegar, soak them outside or use a fan to get better ventilation.

Antiperspirant/Deoderant - Apply antiperspirant/deodorant to the feet daily. Clinical strength might work better, and spray-on antiperspirant/deodorant is easiest to apply.

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Socks - Wash socks in hot water and dry them thoroughly. Wear them every time you wear shoes, and change the socks often, at least daily. You might need to switch to white socks and use bleach each time you wash them.

Shoes - Throw away any shoes that harbor a smell. Rotate shoes every day so that they have a chance to air out. Put them in the sun whenever possible to air, as the sun is able to kill odor causing bacteria and fungus. Sprinkle baking soda in the shoes after taking them off, or open a box of baking soda and place it near the shoes for several days, perhaps in a cardboard box or a closet.

Doctor - See a doctor to rule out any medical problems.

These remedies can work quite well when they are used regularly, even for many of those who claim they have the stinkiest feet in the world.