Sugar is consumed today at an alarming rate, higher than any time in the past. Our Big Gulps are bigger and so are our bodies. Even people who don't struggle with weight are often struggling with sugar cravings and subsequent intake. In order to stop sugar cravings and reduce intake you must be willing to change what goes in your mouth. Sugar in your body impacts more than just your shape. The following ideas will help you stop having sugar cravings and reduce your sugar intake.

Things You Will Need

Stevia sweetener
Sugar free alternatives
Accurate information about sugar and health

Step 1

The first way to stop having sugar cravings is to decrease artificial sweeteners in your diet. Artificial sweeteners trigger a part of the brain that makes it actually start to crave sugar. A University of Purdue study showed that rats given artificial sweeteners instead of sugar were fat. The rats that were given sugar were within normal weight ranges.

Use smoothies as a way of reducing your sugar intake. Fruit is always a better choice than something man-made. Even though there is sugar in fruit it is a healthy thing to eat. You can make low fat strawberry smoothies, high protein banana smoothies, and adding spinach or other greens to your smoothie.

Step 2

To reduce sugar cravings your will need to eat foods that fight food cravings. Some of these craving fighting foods are blueberries, bananas, and apples. When you start changing your food intake and reduce sugar cravings you should know that it will take about two weeks to detox off of sugar. Sugar was recently implicated in aggression, so it's advised to reduce sugar intake.

Step 3

Reduce your stress levels. Figuring out how to manage stress will help you to stop having sugar cravings. When you are stressed it can increase food cravings. Use meditation to alleviate stress. Hypnosis and meditations calm thoughts and help in weight loss.

Step 4

Gain control over your thinking. If you think you have "no control" over your eating then your behavior will follow. The out of control thoughts will lead to more sugar and food cravings. Learn your automatic thoughts around food (and other things). Write down the automatic thoughts and ask if they make sense, if they are true -- learning to talk back to your negative thoughts has been shown in studies to hasten weight loss.

The way that you think often plays a huge part in your sugar cravings and overcoming them.

Step 5

To reduce sugar cravings you should get checked by your doctor. There are some numbers that you should know that can lead to higher sugar cravings. Get insulin levels checked and get screened for Diabetes. Pay attention to the amount of hours you sleep at night. A person should get at least eight hours of sleep. Less than seven hours of sleep is associated with more cravings and more fat on the body.

Tips & Warnings

-Drink a lot of water to reduce sugar cravings. Sometimes it helps to have a special glass or cup to drink water out of during the day, especially if you are at work. Water should also be filtered, but it's best not to buy bottled water. You can buy an individual water bottle that has a filter in it like the Clear2Go water bottles. They are water bottles that filter your water on the go so you can have clean water anywhere. Make sure that you buy a BPA free water bottle. If you have trouble drinking water throughout the day then try making tea. Green tea is excellent because of all its antioxidants. Drinking tea also helps you to consume more water. Overall, water is very important to the proper functioning of the human body and it will help you flush out the sugar and curb cravings.
-Spinach smoothie