How to stop impulsive behavior, has that question crossed your mind? Impulsive behavior is classed as behavior initiated by a person without giving any thought on the consequence of their actions, most commonly known as “spur of the moment” action.

The most common and dangerous type of impulsive behavior is “impulsive spending”.  

So how do you stop impulsive behavior, take a look at these questions below and answer them as truthfully and honestly as you can:

- Do you or your domestic partner complain about how much money your other partner spends?

- Have you purchased anything that you didn’t know you needed until you saw it displayed in a store or supermarket?

- Do you own new technological advanced gadgets that have just been released for sale before it has even had time to sit on a retailer’s shelf for more than a week?

- Do you own more shoes, clothes or items that you can possibly ever wear or use in a single month?

- Do you freak out every month when your credit card statement arrives and you notice that you’ve spent more money than you make?

If you answered “yes” to two or more of the above questions, then it’s safe to say that you have impulsive spending habits and that if you do not take control of this habit, it could destroy you, both financially and mentally.

Impulsive spending will destroy your life. It will stop you from saving money for your future, as well as stopping you from buying a new car, a house or from going on a vacation. Being financially secure means setting financial goals and to resist spending money on items that you don’t need in the short or long run.

This behavior will also put a strain on your relationship; the number one reason marriages in the US end today is because of financial difficulties. The best way on how to stop impulsive behavior is to separate your wants from your needs!

When going shopping, make a list of items that you require, only take enough cash to pay for those items, and do not take your credit cards with you!

If you are out shopping and see something that you think you really need, stop yourself from purchasing that item, wait a week or so and reevaluate whether you really needed that item or whether you can do without it, using this simple philosophy will help you separate your wants from your needs!

We are being blitzed by advertisers and their products almost 24/7 these days, everything from TV, radio, magazines, bill boards to adverts on cars, it is very easy to fall for these advertising gimmicks, the trick here is to wait before purchasing anything, this will show you whether you really wanted that items or just thought you needed it!How to Stop Impulsive Behavior

So the next time someone asks you how to stop impulsive behavior, especially when it comes to impulsive spending habits, some of the above mentioned tips might help you answer that question.