Leaking breast milk is a normal occurrence for breastfeeding moms especially during the first few weeks of lactation. It happens when your baby only consumes a small amount of breast milk and your body is still getting accustomed to producing enough supply for your baby's feeding needs. Usually, your breast stops leaking around six to ten weeks of breastfeeding when your baby is nursing more.


Some moms are embarrassed when their breast milk leaks, while others find it a natural part of lactation. There are ways you can do to minimize, if not stop, leaking breast milk from happening whether you are at home or in public.


Things You Will Need

Breast pump
Nursing bra
Breast pad

Step 1

Nurse your baby often. This is the best way to prevent milk leakage from taking place. Feeding your child before your breasts get full lessens the chances of ejecting milk. When your baby only eats a little bit and your breasts are still heavy with milk, use a breast pump to draw it out. Store the breast milk in a sterilized container and keep it in the refrigerator or freezer for future use.

Step 2

Cross your arms or palms against your nipples when letdown is about to happen. It temporarily stops the milk from flowing out when pressure is applied on that area. Letdown reflex, also known as milk ejection reflex, is caused by the hormone oxytocin, which allows the secretion of milk from both breasts.

Step 3

Wear a comfortable-fitting nursing or regular bra. A bra that's too loose doesn't support the breasts firmly and causes breast milk leakage when the breasts accumulate milk. Tight bras, on the other hand, will clog your milk ducts due to the continued pressure applied to the breasts. This can be painful, irritating, and oftentimes decreases your milk supply.

Step 4

Use breast pads under your bra. They come as both disposable and washable, so it's up to you to choose which one to use. Breast pads absorb any leaking milk from your breasts and keep your bra dry. Replace breast pads right away as soon as they get too wet to prevent infection of the nipples.

Step 5

Place a clean cloth diaper under your breasts when you are at home and when you are not wearing a bra. It will absorb any leaking breast milk and help keep your clothes dry.

Step 6

Sleep on your back and not on your abdomen. When you have to sleep on your side, use a soft pillow to cushion your breasts so they don't get squeezed.


Tips & Warnings

Do not limit liquid intake while breastfeeding. Leaking breast milk will stop as soon as your baby has established a regular feeding schedule and will nurse often. Eating nutritious foods and drinking plenty of fluids is always healthy for you and your baby.