Many of us have received a nuisance call from time to time. Sometimes we know exactly who it was, sometimes we ask ourselves who calls me? Whichever the case, we need to understand the types of calls that people are making to us and how to stop them.

Different types of calls

Nuisance calls and communications are in different forms. It could be that they are unwanted, inconvenient, and time consuming. For some, they can even cause stress, anxiety, or even fear. It is important to take control of the situation so that you are not exposed to such time wasters, annoyances, and upsets.

A rundown of the types

The main types of nuisance communication are:

  • Live marketing calls
  • ·This is where someone calls you and tries to sell you something over the phone. Telesales companies don’t only operate from the UK nowadays; there are also overseas companies. Telesales agents can be a pushy and annoying and stress-inducing in their communication pattern..


  • Recorded message calls
  • ·This is where you pick up the phone and are greeted not by a person, but a recorded message. Very rude!


  • Marketing text messages
  • ·It is often the case that service providers and sales companies send you a text message. Sometimes this is very useful, sometimes it is not.


  • Abandoned/Silent calls
  • ·This is where there is no one at the end of the line when you pick the phone. Often, this is a sales call that was cut before you answered.


  • Marketing faxes
  • ·We have all seen fax machines laden with paper from providers of products and services that we have not coveted- well the older amongst us have seen it!


  • Error calls from faxes
  • ·This is where a fax message has been sent to a phone line and ends up providing an annoying phone noise when it gets your line instead.


  • Email marketing and spam
  • ·Many of us have hundreds and hundreds of emails coming every week that offer products that we do not want, aren't remotely interested in, and take up our time and email space.


  • Scams
  • ·There are so many different scams around over the phone, over email, and over fax. Learn how to deal with them.


  • Threatening or abusive communications
  • ·These are a criminal offense and you should deal with them as such.

With so many different types of nuisance communication, you need to take a hard line so you do not end up wasting your time and getting upset by the different types.

Dealing with marketing calls

These are perhaps the most time consuming and prevalent offender, perpetrated often by pushy sales people. The easiest way to deal with this is to politely request that you are removed from the database explaining that you do not have interest in the products and services. This will normally do the job.

Blocking calls

It is possible to block calls through BT and also buy phones with the additional capacity to block international and withheld numbers, which cannot be blocked through most standard services provider offerings. Be prudent in responding to scams and direct mail. As soon as you respond, the perpetrators will know that you are actively monitoring the email. It can mean further communications, and, in the case of scams, they may be able to gain information just from the fact that you responded.

 So, there you have it, a brief look at nuisance calls. There is a lot more to know, so research the internet under the headings provided.