It is not uncommon if you are pregnant to encounter heartburn. Even if you have never suffered from heartburn before, it is possible that you can because of your condition.

If you have suffered from heartburn before, the symptoms are not new to you, but if pregnancy heartburn is new to you, there are a few things you should know.

First of all, no one likes that burning feeling in their chest and/or throat. It's not a nice feeling. This can also be accompanied by an acidic or sour taste in your mouth. You may ask, "Why does this occur more often in pregnant women?"

Well, there are a few reasons. The main reason is that that there are more hormones in your body and this can soften the ligaments in the esophagus. Just think about it. If your esophageal ligaments are loosened at unwanted times, acids from your stomach and food can come right back up. The extra pressure on your stomach due to a growing baby can also force stomach acid and food back into your esophagus.

If you suffer from pregnancy heartburn, you may not be able to completely get rid of it, but there are some things that you can do to minimize the symptoms.

1. Eliminate foods that set it off. Some of the most common foods are acid-based foods like orange juice or tomato-based products, fried and fatty foods, chocolate, spicy foods, and anything that contains vinegar.

2. Stay away from beverages that relax the esophageal ligaments, like drinks that have caffeine in them, or alcohol.

3. Instead of three large meals a day, try eating several small ones, and eat them slowly. You last meal should be eaten at least three hours prior to bedtime.

4. Drink a lot of liquid, especially water, but drink most of your beverages at times other than meals.

5. Sleep in an elevated position.

6. Avoid abdominal pressure by wearing loose clothing, sitting up straight, bending at the knees to pick things up, and gaining only a sensible amount of weight.

7. Always check with your doctor before taking any over-the-counter products for relief.

Hopefully, if you are suffering from pregnancy heartburn, you can reduce the symptoms by following these suggestions.