Creative people suffer the most

Pro-cras-ti-nate: To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.

But is it really? In reality, most of the time for people like us, who are very creative (sometimes not for our own good), it is not a matter of laziness or some other thing as such. Actually, we can find that procrastination is more common between the most bright and creative, because they can visualize more than others. What this means is that they usually take a lot more into consideration and can more effectively foresee what will mean to take action over a certain thing. Since they have so many ideas, they spend a lot more time evaluating than doing.

How to beat it

Usually, procrastination is rooted deep into us coming from different origins. It is important to find what causes this and battle it. Here are some tips:

-Avoid negative thoughts

I know this sounds like a self-help advice, but it’s very important. If we constantly find reasons to stop what we are doing, we obviously will. On the other hand, positive thoughts will motivate and help you getting things done. Of course you have to be realistic, but that is totally different.

-Do not be afraid of failure

We all fail, but if we let this fear control us, we will never succeed. So always try, but if you fail, don’t let it stop you from trying again. To tell you the truth, we will fail more than succeed, but be strong and accept it as a consequence of trying. In every fail there is knowledge to be learnt, you just need to look at things from another perspective.

-Do not be too perfectionist

You should obviously always try your best, but absolute perfection is absolutely impossible, so always keep chasing it, knowing you will never reach it. If you keep trying to achieve it, you will never get anything done and most of the time, not even starting it.

-Do not let the process stop you from achieving

This is probably the most common cause of procrastination. Thinking about how much work and time it would take to actually finish a certain project. Everything takes a certain amount of energy, some just seems to take more than others, but in the end it is worth it, so always have your goals in mind as not to let your ideas drown.

-Do not let time be a decisive factor

No one has twenty-four hours a day to spare. Perhaps you have even less time than most, but should it stop you? Unless your idea requires you to devote several hours of consecutive work, you can do it ! Just an hour a day amounts to 365 hours a year.

-Stop reading Do Not’s and actually start doing

That’s right, stop trying to find excuses and actually start doing ! Sometimes there are real things in our way, but in the end, real or not, they are still excuses. Think about it, if you had taken action years ago, would you be in the same place as you are now? You could be rich, famous, independent or whatever it is you desire, but you will never get there unless you start taking action, doing !! So take action and focus on what you should be doing and not what you shouldn’t.



Focus, self-awareness and determination are the keys. Procrastination is one of the most common problem in people. Just imagine if everyone took action on the great ideas that I'm sure they had but went to waste. I'm absolutely positive the world wouldn't be the same. 

Follow these tips and find what triggers you, what motivates you and also what puts you off and work on it !