Learn How to Stop Procrastinating

Set Goals and finally follow through!

It's about time you learned how to stop procrastinating! What took you so long?

How many times have you set "New Year's Resolution's?" Well if your like most people, you have set goals and failed. In fact 3 out of 4 people are unsuccessful in achieving their goals.

Why is that?

The most common mistake people have when they want to achieve something, is that they do not write it down. They have a great idea, dream or wish to do something or be something better. They start to think about how great life would be if they could just do this one thing. Maybe it is to eat healthier, learn a new language, get out of debt, or my favorite: lose weight. 

The most important step in accomplishing any goal, is to write it down. That's right, physically write your goals down on paper. No matter how far in the distance you may be, you need to put that down on paper.

Next, to meet the goal written down, you need to set a date to complete it. This gives you a light at the end of the tunnel. So, when your eating peanut butter and jelly for dinner to save money, you have an end date. Things seen less threatening when they have a point of completion. It's really scary and intimidating to look in the mirror and feel like you will never change. Well, now you have a specific measurable date of when that change will happen.

Third, you have to make your goals scalable and specific. Your goals have to be something that can be seen and tracked. It is unlikely that you will carry out a goal like, "I want everyone to be happy, or I want to be happy with my life." Instead ask, "What do I value in life, that if I could get I would be happy?" Another example, "I want to lose weight." EEERRR wrong. Try this,"I want to lose 40 lbs by summer." This is far more likely to succeed.

Finally, break down and track your progress. This is the key to finishing strong! Set up little 1-2 week checkpoints on your way to your goal. When you have these smaller checkpoints on your way to your goal, it is encouraging and empowering. You cannot write specific goals and not have little stops to hit along the way. If you don't, you are going to fail. You will put it off until 2 weeks before the deadline is up and say, "See I knew its impossible." The little victories in your goals are what is going to drive you to finnish strong. I suggest you set at least monthly checkpoints. If not, weekly or even daily checkpoints. This depends on your own self-discipline.

Be encouraged! You now have the tools you need to conquer every goal and dream you can think of. If you put these principles into practice and stay consistent in trying to carry out these goals, you will succeed.

So congratulations! You are one step forward into a new life, without procrastination!