It has been a few years since I was last a student but I can still remember having to study studiously and consistently all while trying hard to motivate myself.

I know and understand that when it comes to study, most people do anything to avoid that textbook. I even know some people who prefer doing housework than to sit down and study at their desk.

Here are some tips that I have learnt along the way that may make you study more effectively and will help you to avoid putting study off to a later date.

1)    Make a Nice Environment

When you have a nice environment to study, you will not be uncomfortable and will put yourself in a “study mood”. Choose a clean part of your house or room and clear your desk except for the essentials such as a desklight and your computer and pens etc. If you have clutter on your desk, this will not make you feel like studying at all. But when you have a clean desk to work on, it will be conducive to proper study.

If you are someone that likes the outdoor lighting, consider moving your desk next to the window so that you can have a view of the outside. So when you are studying, when you get stuck on a problem with your study, you can have a little bit of a break by glimpsing out the window and looking out into the day.

A clean desk and environment may help you to study more

2)    Keep a Planner or Diary

In your diary you can split out your day and decide how much time you can take to study each subject that you might have. I found that by sticking to the time allocated to each study was helpful some of the time. A better way to do this is to write a list on everything that you need to do. And when you finish each task, then cross this out on your list. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing out each part of a list. It is therapeutic as the more tasks you cross out, the more that you know that you are almost done for the day.

To Do list helps with organisation


3)    Remember Your Goals

Usually, when you are studying a subject or course, you are doing this for a reason. Maybe you want to hold that diploma that you will get when you finish to show that you have achieved academic success. Maybe you are studying because you want to go into a certain career. Maybe you are studying because you enjoy the challenge. Whatever the reason for you to study, keep your goals in mind and you will have the proper mindset. This mindset will motivate you and help you realise why you are studying in the first place.

4)    Have a Study Partner

Maybe you have a friend that is studying the same subject as you. If you and your friend plan the times to study together, this will help you with your motivation. Maybe you can invite your friend to study with you. You can even help each other by testing each other on the subject that you are studying.

5)    Go to the Library

Even though I mentioned above that a nice study area can be conducive to good study patterns, sometimes you may get distracted. This has happened to me a lot. I remember that when I was meant to be in my room studying for an exam, that I would get distracted easily. Maybe you turn on the remote and watch TV. This is a great distraction. So if you are inclined to get distracted, then I suggest that you go to the library to study. When you are in the library, all is quiet and this provides a relaxing way to study without distraction. Also, everyone there is also studying. So, you have nothing to do but to sit down and do your work.

6)    Have a Vision Board

Stick this on the wall where you study so that when you look at it, you will  be motivated. A vision board is basically a board with pictures usually from magazine clippings. You can put anything on your vision board but mainly they consist of material things that you wished you could own. For example, you can stick up a picture of a nice house, or a luxury car or pictures from different countries that you want to visit. The idea here is that when you look up at your board when you are studying, you will be more motivated to keep on working or studying because you can see yourself achieving your goals and having all those things that are on your vision board.

7)    Reward Yourself

Keeping a jar on your desk and rewarding yourself with cash can be a great motivator. For example, you can say to yourself that with every chapter you read from your text book you can reward yourself with one dollar. Put the coins into your jar every time you achieve your goal. And then with those funds, you can buy yourself a nice drink from Starbucks. Or if you are really studious and take this reward trick seriously, you may even have enough at the end of the week to buy yourself a new outfit!

A reward jar can help with motivation

I understand how hard it is to actually sit down and study, especially if the material you are studying is dry and boring. But if you take my tips and keep that personal goal in mind, then you can get through it. Also remember that this study is only temporary. In a matter of days you will finish up with the exam or assignment. Suffer for a few days and then you will have more free time to do your own thing.

A clean desk and environment may help you to study more