How to Stop Procrastinating in 5 Easy Steps

If you are a hardcore procrastinator you have more than likely read all articles about ending your procrastination and promptly decided to do something about it tomorrow.The act of putting things off until another time can create a negative feedback loop.You feel overwhelmed by all of the tasks that you need to finish.These feelings of being overwhelmed prevent you from starting any tasks that need to be started.Although it takes time and discipline to completely overcoming the habit of procrastinating, a few simple steps can start you on the path to completing necessary projects.


Step 1



Start with one realistic goal.Do nothave a goal so broad based and complex that you're unlikely to start.For example, if you need to organize your receipts for tax purposes set the simple goal of finding the bulging shoe box that contains all of your receipts.




Step 2




Set a time frame for meeting your first goal.You know that the tax deadline is April 15th. Your tax preparer will need the information no less than one month before the tax deadline, so your goal for findingthe receipts should be March 1st.




Step 3




Write down your realistic goals. On a piece of paper write down what it is you want to accomplish.The simple act of writing a goal on paper increases the odds of completing the goal. The first goal of the tax season could be the following.




Goal: Find tax receipts




Step 4




Once you have reached your realistic goal cross it off the list.Now that you have located the box of tax receipts the satisfying act of crossing it off the list can be done. The physical act of crossing something off your list can be a rewarding experience. Writing a list and crossing completed tasks off the list can become an addicting habit in and of itself.




Step 5




Now that you have made your first steps towards a procrastination free life, repeat the process with another realistic goal.You've found your tax receipts and crossed that off your list.Now set the goal of actually getting them to your tax preparer. This can be the beginning of a positive feedback loop.




Although the steps seem simple, the act of setting a goal, making a deadline and writing it down can be the beginning of a better organized life.If at first you find yourself still procrastinating, don't give up.Over time you will find yourself making lists just so you can cross things off of them when you've completed the task.