Snoring can cause sleep disruptions for the person who snores as well as anyone that has to share a room or bed with them!  It can literally sound like a chain saw cutting logs once they get going.

Below are 3 tips to help stop snoring naturally without drugs or expensive appliances.  These tips worked in my house and hopefully they will work for you. How to Stop SnoringCredit:

If you have a partner that sounds like they are sawing logs during the night, then you know how frustrating it can be.  Many times they don’t even know that they snore, but they don’t tend to feel totally rested during the day either and can be quite irritable.

If they are finding themselves more stressed and feeling sleepy during the day, then hopefully you can convince them to try these tips to feel better.

So, it is in everyone’s best interest to try and stop the snoring and get a good night’s sleep.

1. Get Them On Their Side With a Body Pillow

I discovered quite by accident that if my hubby turned onto his right side, he would stop snoring, but this would only work temporarily because just as I would drift off to sleep he would flop back onto his back and that sawing would start again.

I basically started by “spooning” or “snuggling” once he was on his side to stop him from rolling back, but it wasn’t always successful as I would move in my sleep and he would flop back onto his back (he just seemed determined to sleep on his back!)

By using one of those body pillows along his back you can stop them from rolling over.  Many people purchase these to sleep with or put between their knees to help relieve back pain, but they work well for stopping someone from rolling over to hear the dreaded chain saw!

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2. Tape a Tennis Ball to the Back of Their Pajamas

If there just is not the room for a long body pillow, then you can try taping (duct tape works well) a tennis ball to the back of your pajama top just below the collar. 

This way if you try to roll over, you will find it uncomfortable and go back to your side.  Also try and figure out which side works best.  I know with my hubby, getting him onto his right side worked better than the left for some reason.

3. Try a Couple of Pillows Instead of One

or be Banished to the Spare Room with the Pets

I know that with just one pillow my hubby was lying too flat and itHow to Stop Snoring NaturallyCredit: was much easier to roll on his back.  By having 2 good pillows he would start out on his side and it was easier to stay that way as it takes more effort to roll on your back with higher pillows.

If you or your partner has been banished to the spare room with all the critters then you may want to try these tips.  They are not hard to do and are an affordable option for anyone that disrupts the household with their snoring!

If your snoring partner has been falling asleep during the day or irritable it could be that their sleep is being disrupted by the snoring.  If you notice they stop breathing during these log sawing sessions then encourage them to head to the doctor as this could be something more serious that needs treatment such as sleep apnea, but if it straightforward log sawing, then try these tips.