Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access
  • Email address
  • An effective anti virus software (if possible)

Spam as what most people know is when you receive unsolicited commercial emails in many forms. It is truly annoying to receive a lot of unsolicited mails from companies you didn't subscribe for their services and individuals you don't know. When you check your mailbox there are plenty of unnecessary emails that are there for you that is often referred as junk mails and sometimes some are dangerous to open because they spread virus too.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

There are free anti virus but if you want more protection, you can also buy an anti virus software but before doing so, use the search engines to determine whether you are choosing the best one. Oftentimes, you can see latest reviews and product testimonials from consumers and you can use this as an effective tool to stop spam emails.

Avoid using your main email address, reserve this email address for your family or friends only. Use another email address, it could be one or more for posting mailing lists. Try to acquire more than one email account. You can easily setup an account on Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail or other web mail services for free that also have effective spam filters.

As much as possible, avoid posting your email address anywhere on the web. If ever you really want to post it through a message forum, then try to change the format such as "at" for (@) followed by the provider then "dot" instead of (.) "com" to make it difficult for spam email web spiders to catch it. 

Be careful in giving out your email address and contact details. There are many websites that say they will give you "free things" or "win money" if you supply your email address and other information from you so you must be cautious with these type of offerings.

Download Firefox web browser because they have a spam filter for free. You can also install their WOT (Web Of Trust) as an add-on that is definitely a very good way of checking whether you are entering a good or dangerous site.

Spammers will know you've read their junk when your email program downloads the graphics that they sent from their web server. So just delete immediately if you suspect any junk that you see in your in-box so that these spammers will no longer send anything in your existing email address. Neverever respond to the spam emails that they sent to avoid more spam.

There are free email services like Yahoo! or Google mail known as Gmail that provide Junk or Bulk Email folders. You can easily click the Empty button coming from the Junk or Bulk Email folders and remove all those spam emails instantly. These popular free email services generally offer automatic filtering for you since both email providers offer advanced spam detection methods. They could instntly detect a huge percentage of spam emails by blocking and filtering to avoid those spam emails entering through your inbox. 

You should also check if your anti virus software is upgraded to enable spam filtering. In this way, all your emails will be checked before it enters into your mailbox. You can simply eliminate or avoid those spam emails coming from your inbox. Try to use another disposable email address where your personal information is not in any way attached to it.

You also need to scan those attachments coming from your inbox if you really want to open those emails that were sent to you. As much as possible, avoid clicking on links or opening attachments since they could easily give you spam emails.

Take note that attachments may also contain viruses, which will freeze or disable your working computer. There are also emails that contain direct links that would take you to websites that will only waste your time. Even using email messengers could be bombarded by spam so be careful when accepting those invites since they will contain direct links of pornographic sites. 

Tips & Warning:

Even if you have the latest spam blockers for emails, spam still exists on the internet like wildfire. Spam can even get passwords and even hack credit cards and bank accounts from innocent victims. 

Make use of your email spam filter. Generally, your email client will effectively filter out spam emails instantly although you can also place a check mark on messages as spam by the time you receive any of them. You also need to remove those emails that are located in your spam folder that are not spam at all to inform the spam filter that they shouldn't be removed. Try to adjust the settings on your email's spam filter to the maximum level in order to stop those incoming spam emails. 

Always remember not to open emails from an unfamiliar sources and never download any attachment because hidden worms could be set out to your computer system that will easily pass through your computer's firewall. 

Do not leave your email address on websites where they request you to comment anything or forum posts online. Spammers will try to trace these email addresses and start gathering some information then send you spam emails. Avoid forwarding emails because this is a common way for spammers to accumulate large numbers of working email addresses. Simply delete them as soon as they show in your inbox. 

Spammers keep on upgrading how to attack your precious information stored in your pc so make sure that you have a 100% security system within your computer in place. Always protect online threats and stop spam emails because the moment these worms are in your pc, it will immediately enter the registry and gather important passwords.

There are consumer websites that welcome topics such as this and they welcome online visitors that have various issues too. You could join and start reporting those spammers so that many innocent people will be able to benefit on learning about online spamming that is continuosly going on through the world wide web.