If you are suffering from a serious case of underarm sweating, you may have a condition called "hyperhidrosis". This disorder may not be life threatening, but you still need to worry about it. Why? Simple, because it can make you stinky and people may want to keep their distance from you!

If you suffer from this condition, you may be thinking of undergoing a surgery to stop. However, surgery should always be a last resort. The procedure is costly and is painful too. Your best bet is to try natural methods first.

Here are some proven ways you can stop underarm sweating the natural way:

Use lemon extract after every bath before you apply your deodorant. Lemon is a good way to kill odor causing bacteria in the sweat ducts.

The use of powdered alum and water mixture is a good method too. Mix water with alum powder and rinse your body with the solution. This will help block the sweat ducts so you can be sure that you sweat less throughout whole day!

Sometimes heavy or multiple layers of cloth will help you out by concealing your sweat stains. However, heavy clothes will only worsen the sweating situation. More clothes will turn up your body temp so you will sweat more and stink more!

You should consider eating foods that are rich in magnesium. This nutrient helps release perspiration related toxins all at once. If your body is able to release these toxins in one sweating process, then your body will no longer need too over sweat. Pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium.

Limit your intake of soda and coffee because caffeine is a triggering factor for sweat. You should also stay away from alcohol and spicy foods because it can also worsen over sweating and foul odor.

After reading the natural methods listed above, you now know how to stop underarm sweating. These methods are helpful but will not stop over sweating which may be caused by genetic disorders, stress, or anxiety. For serious sweating problems, you should consult a doctor.