How to manage stress seems to be a common problem for everyone these days. If you let anxiety and stress take a hold on your life, then it can only lead to other health problems. Some of the following stress management tips will help you stop worrying and give you tons of stress reduction.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

The color blue can be a great stress reduction color and calm you down. All you have to do is incorporate this color, any shade, into your daily life. It can be as simple as wearing a blue shirt or hanging a picture of the sky on a wall where you work. Blue has also been a proven color for helping with productivity.

Step 2

Another stress help is repetitive activity. Something along the lines of knitting or beading can help you stop worrying and put your mind at ease.

Step 3

Did you know that studies have proven that petting your pet can lower stress? They brighten your mood and make you feel happier.

Step 4

A great spirit lifter is laughing. Try watching a comedy and laughing out loud to stop stress.

Step 5

Try massaging your ears to reduce stress. Use your thumb and index finger, gently rub the smooth skin that is just inside the top part of your ear. It only takes a few minutes of rubbing before you will start feeling calmer.

Step 6

Singing a song can help you to eliminate negative and stressful thoughts.

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