Keep the peace and stop your dog barking

We love our dogs, but there are times when their barking can be a nuisance – and even the best-trained dogs bark. Sometimes, it may draw complaints from your neighbors. So what can you do to stop your dog barking?

If you are at home and your dog barks for no apparent reason, a quick scolding might be enough. If not, you might try dabbing a little Tabasco source on its lips. Most dogs hate it. They will soon associate barking with this unpleasant experience and stop their barking.

If your dog is outside or you are away from home, other methods to stop them barking will be necessary. The use of a bark collar should help. There are several types of collar. Typically, they have probes on the collar that touch the dog’s neck and are activated by the barking of the dog.

In one, the dog’s bark activates a signal that causes the collar to puff out a spray, the smell of which is abhorrent to the dog. When the dog realizes that the spray follows barking, he will quickly learn to stop barking.

In another, instead of emitting a spray, the collar produces a small electric shock. Although harmless, this shock does cause the dog some discomfort or pain. The result is obvious. The dog associates barking with the shock and so desists. Many people find this type of bark collar distasteful, but used properly it is effective and does not harm the dog.

A third type of collar reacts to the bark by emitting an ultrasonic signal audible only to dogs. The collar is harmless to your dog but extremely irritating. The result, again, is that the dog has unpleasant associations with barking and should stop.

The problem with collars is that they can be bulky and uncomfortable and some dogs, although they stop barking, soon learn that once the collar is removed they can bark again without the repercussions caused by the collars.

An effective alternative is an ultrasonic unit that can be hung on a wall, fence or gate. These units react to barking from any dog close enough to trigger it. They are useful for dog owners, but if you don’t own a dog but are annoyed by the barking of dogs close to your home, they can help deter dogs from barking close to your garden or windows.

Barking dogs can be annoying and can lead to conflict with neighbors. By taking steps to prevent your dog barking, you can help avoid friction. There are a number of options to choose from; in the end it boils down to what works with your dog and how much time and patience you are prepared to put in. How do you stop your dog barking?