Alcohol-related accidents are the number one culprit for teen deaths. A lot of parents believe that their kid will never drink and drive, or even get in a car with an intoxicated driver. However, teens can make fatal mistakes, especially when their friends are involved. Peer pressure is a huge factor in many cases of drunk driving. Teenagers want to fit in, and they can easily get their hands on alcohol and drugs.

As a parent, you have to take the time to make your teen understand the consequences of driving under the influence or getting into a car with a drunk driver. Conversations with your teen can have a huge difference, and it can eventually save their lives.

Parenting Strategies To Prevent Drunk Driving

Teenagers are very vulnerable to peer pressure, and to experimenting with alcohol and driving while drunk. These can lead to fatal consequences and legal ramifications. To protect your teen from hurting themselves or other people, you can consider some of these strategies to prevent drunk driving.

Be a good example to your teen. As a parent, you must exert some level of authority. This means you have to discipline, monitor, and support your teens. It is also vital to show responsible behavior so that your child will also follow your example.

Set rules and limitations against drinking. You must be able to lay the rules and limitations against drinking without feeling guilty about it. You have to emphasize the rule: Never drink and drive, even if your child does not have a car or a license. You can also consider putting it in writing, such as making your teen sign a contract. You have to make your teen understand that drinking and driving, either as a passenger or driver, means fatal consequences.

Teach your kids sneaky ways to avoid drinking. Let's face it. Party scenes are always around the corner and it is rare for a teen to be able to say "no" to their peers. If your teen can't say no to their friends, you can instead teach him or her some sneaky ways to avoid drinking. For instance, they can take the drink, but don't take a sip. Take the drink- and leave it. Take the drink- then take it to the bathroom, pour it down the drain, and fill it again with water.

Have a contingency plan ready. You must set up a contingency plan with your teen when every single one of his/her friends got in a car and the driver is intoxicated. This plan will help you teen have a backup plan and be able to get a safe ride home. For one, you can give your teen a card with taxicab phone numbers. You can also provide them with the number of a trusted adult who can pick them up in case you are unavailable.