Being a new parent I have utilised a variety of techniques to get my baby to stop crying. Some of these were taught to me, while others were learned from trial and error. I hope that by reading this, you will be able to use some of these techniques to your advantage, and maybe offer suggestions of your own in the comments.

Do you have a different way to stop your baby from crying? Let us know in the comments to help other new parents around the world!

First, make sure the obvious things are taken care of, the baby has been fed, burped, changed, and there is nothing bugging them like their temperature or diaper rash. If you think there is something wrong with your baby please speak to your doctor or midwife.

The Happiest Baby on the Block method, or The Four S's
After watching The Happiest Baby on the Block, I can confirm that the method does indeed work sometimes. The four S's, in a nutshell are: Swaddling, holding Sideways, Shaking, and Shushing. I recommend giving this movie a watch to any new parents, as it may help you stop your baby from crying.

The Pacifier


I have been fortunate that my baby has taken to the soother from day one, and is a good way to inspire calmness. A finger or knuckle can be used in a pinch as well. Some babies I'm told do not like soothers, or bottles for that matter.

The Baby Mobile

mobile (39030)

The movement, sounds, bright colors and interesting shapes on a baby mobile can capture babies interest long enough to calm and relax them.

Back Pats
Gentle back pats seem to help baby work through some air bubbles, and provide a repetition that they can focus on. I've been told that this resembles the mother's heart beat in the womb which is comforting to them.

Hold baby close
I like to hold baby close and let my breathing be felt. This comforts the baby and may be reminiscent of being inside the womb.

White Noise


The constant sound of white noise can calm baby. You can purchase a sound machines for this purpose, they usually have multiple settings like rain, ocean, rainforest etc. I've found that you can achieve the same affect with static from a radio or TV or running water. They say that white noise actually simulates the sounds inside the womb and is comforting to baby.

Car Rides
This will usually put my baby to sleep, or at least keep the baby interested in what's going on out the window. It could be the movement, the sounds, the heat, the change of scenery, but it seems to work. Some parents have told me that they will drive around the block or idle in the car with their baby to put them to sleep.

Change of Scenery
I've found that picking up baby and giving "the tour" seems to distract the baby from being upset. I'll pick the baby up and walk around wherever I may be and point at things, saying "What's that?" and "Look over there!" capturing babys attention over and over. Sometimes going outside briefly is a big enough scene change that baby will settle down quite quickly.

Fresh Air
Taking baby for a walk in the stroller seems to relax and put baby to sleep most times. The fresh air is great for the baby, is a change of scenery, and the rocking and rolling motions from moving are comforting and relaxing.

Gripe water
Gripe water can help an upset tummy, almost instantly. Do some research on what kind of gripe water to get, as some companies make gripe water with alcohol. You could even make your own gripe water, there are recipes online free to download.

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Good luck and here's to happy babies!