Remedies for a Persistent Cough

Bouts of coughing can be set off by colds, flu, allergies or asthma. Sometimes they can be a side effect from prescribed medications like beta blockers. Although they are annoying, temporary coughs are an inconvenience. Persistent coughing, however, can be debilitating. There are, however, a number of things you can try to stop a persistent cough

People with persistent coughs can suffer from fractured ribs, sickness, stress incontinence, lack of sleep and muscle pain. Tiredness from lack of sleep can lead to problems in the work place. Sufferers can find that their entire existence is dominated by the negative consequences of their persistent cough. Common causes of persistent coughs include asthma, smoking, sinus infections and acid reflux.

If you suffer from a persistent cough, it is essential that you first consult your general practitioner to discover the cause. Ask your doctor for a chest scan once he's ruled out the main probable causes. If there is no major underlying cause for your consistent cough, or it is the side effect of a prescribed drug that you are taking (that can't be replaced with an alternative), then you will need to treat the symptoms.

You can use cough remedies from the drug store, but you may not want to take these on a regular basis. As an alternative, finely chop up a few onions and layer them in a glass jar with brown sugar. Leave the concoction in the jar until a syrup is formed. Administer yourself with a desert spoonful of the syrup every hour to relieve your cough. Add chopped thyme to the syrup if your cough is caused by tickling in your throat.

It's important to try and work out what is causing your consistent cough to get rid of it for good. If you smoke, or have allergies, for example, stop smoking or ensure that your environment is free from things that irritate you. If your persistent cough is due to a problem with acid reflux  or a sinus infection then, once you treat and remedy this underlying problem, your persistent cough should clear up too.

An unusual cough remedy which tastes much better than most over the counter treatments is chocolate. The theobromine in cocoa has been found to be more effective than codeine when treating persistent coughs. The dose of chocolate need not be limited either, as some other treatments do due to unwanted side effects. Although, for overall health reasons, it is best not to include too much chocolate in your diet.

Continue to work with your doctor while treating the symptoms of your persistent cough. Get regular check ups and keep your doctor informed about your persistent cough. You don't want to let a major illness go undetected while you treat your symptoms at home.