Many people enjoy watching the wild birds that congregate around bird feeders in their backyard. These people put time and effort into attracting the most beautiful backyard birds and work hard to establish the right bird feeders and wild bird seed for each species. However, the seed can easily go bad if it is not stored correctly, and the birds might leave for another food source. Here is a step by step guide to storing wild bird seed.

Things You Will Need

Wild bird seed

Storage containers

Step 1

Choose a sturdy bin to store your seed in. The material should be either heavy duty plastic or galvanized metal to prevent rust. Remember that all kinds of rodents and bugs will be trying to access your wild bird seed, so look for something that a mouse could not tear through.

Step 2

Make sure the container has a top that seals. One of the most common problem when storing wild bird seed is mold or mildew growing on the seed. This can easily be prevented by using containers that are air and water tight.

Step 3

Place the wild bird seed containers in a dry area that is out of the shade to extend the life of the bird seed. It is also helpful to store the bird seed in a location that is relatively close to the bird feeders for easy refills.

Step 4

After you have selected your containers and filled them with your wild bird seed, be sure to label the contents. Many varieties of seed can look the same while but vary significantly in taste. It is also a good idea to include the date on the label.


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