Do you need to learn how to straighten hair with ceramic hair straighteners?  These can give your do a sleek, neat look.  But remember that you are dealing with heat, so there are safety precautions you need to take for your hair as well as your home.  This process can also be time consuming, depending on the length and thickness of your hair.  Follow these tips for using a ceramic hair straightener.

Step 1:  Turn the ceramic hair straightener on and give it about 5 minutes to heat up.  Be sure to keep it on a trivet to avoid damage to your sink area.  While you’re waiting, comb your hair.  Part it where you like. 

Step 2:  Take a small section of hair, about 2 inches wide, and 20 hairs thick (not 20 hairs total, but the depth of the section) towards the front right.  If you have thick hair, start with the under layer. 

Step 3:  Clamp the ceramic hair straightener over this section toward the top, near your scalp.  Be careful not to touch it to your scalp or it could burn you.  The nice thing about ceramic hair straightener as opposed to plastic or metal ones, is that burns are less likely.  Using ceramic hair straightener that contain tourmaline, such as T3 straighteners or ionic hair straighteners are even more gentle on your scalp because they use ions (natural charges) as opposed to high heat. 

How to Straighten Hair with Ceramic StraightenersCredit: camerakarrieStep 4:  Run the clamped ceramic hair straightener slowly down the section you've selected.  If your hair is shoulder length, this should take you about 15 seconds to get from scalp to tip.  If you find that this didn’t adequately straighten that section, you can do this a second time; hair textures vary, so experiment to find out what works for yours. 

Step 5:  Repeat with underneath sections of your hair around your head, until you get around to the other side.  Repeat for a layer above this section, then a higher layer, and so on.  Again, this will depend on how thick your hair is.  Mine is very thick, so I need to do about 5 layers from the lowest layer, up toward my part. 

Step 6:  Finish the look with leave in conditioner or smoothing serum, if you choose. 

Use a trivet that it designed to withstand heat for putting your appliance down onto.  Keep bath linens away from it as well.  Don’t put the ceramic hair straightener in a position where it could fall into a sink full of water or the toilet.  Just like your hair dryer, this would pose a risk of electrical shock.

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