Playstation 3

I'm not a tech wizard, but when my in-laws from overseas came to visit for a whole two months, I needed to bring together all of my technology skills and figure out how to entertain them with their local channels. After a few hours of research and frustration, I managed to figure out a way to view almost any station thru my Playstation 3. So, I'm offering these seven steps that you can use to do the same and watch just about any international station you choose. I'm sure there are additional ways to download this content, please feel free to share a comment if you have found an easier way. Here are the seven easy-to-follow steps to begin streaming this content:

1. On your laptop, download TVersity ( Like all the software and websites below, it is free and will serve as your remote server. (you will need to keep your laptop on and connected thru your wifi network in order to watch TV).
2. Download URL Snooper 2 ( on your laptop, as well. This will enable you to find the "behind-the-scenes" web addresses that hold the streaming video.
4. Open up and find the country and channel you want to watch. Open it and start streaming the video.5. Open URL Snooper 2 and select "Sniff Network". A series of URLs will be displayed after a minute or two. Find the URL that starts with "mms" and copy that stream by right-clicking on it.
6. Now, open the TVersity Media Server and select Library --> Sources --> Internet Video and the select "Add Media Source" from the drop-down. Paste this URL into the "Video URL:" box and type the name of this channel after "Title:"
7. Finally, turn on your Playstation and from the main menu select videos. Then, find the TVersity Media Server. You'll then be able to select the channel and watch it live!

If the media you're trying to stream is flash-based, you will not be able to utilize the free version of TVersity. However, the Pro version claims to be able to stream this content. I have not verified this personally.