Stream Media to Xbox 360 using Windows Media Player 11

If you have a PC running Windows XP, you can stream video, music and pictures to your Xbox 360 without having' Windows XP Media Center edition.

This has been possible without any third party software since Microsoft released Windows Media Player 11.

Surprisingly enough it is actually extremely easy if you have both your Xbox 360 and your PC on the same wireless network. In this how to guide we will show you step by step how to create a media extender out of your Xbox 360.

Things You Will Need

Xbox 360
Router/Wireless Router
PC Connected to Router
Connection from Xbox 360 to the router, either wired or wirelessly

Step 1

Turn on your Xbox 360 and either have it connected to your wireless network via an Ethernet wire, or via a wireless connection (requires the Xbox 360 Wireless Adaptor to connect wirelessly)

Step 2

Turn on to your pc where you have all your media.

Step 3

Check to see if you have Microsoft Windows Media Player 11, you can check this by opening Windows Media Player right clicking > Help > About Windows Media Player
If you don't have version 11, you can go to using Internet Explorer and download the latest version.

Step 4

Once you have the latest version, go back to Windows Media Player, and right click the now playing button and choose 'more options'.

Step 5

You will be prompted with an Options window, select the Library tab

Step 6

Click the button that says 'configure sharing'.

Step 7

Share Media with Xbox 360 A Media Sharing window will pop up, click the check box that says 'share my media', then a little box will pop up listing devices and computers in your network. Click on your Xbox 360.

Step 8

Once you've done this, click the OK button, you will be taken back to the previous window under the library tab.

Step 9

Click the Monitor Folders button, choose the folders to monitor then click OK. The computer will take a few minutes to find all your media.

Step 10

Next, go to your Xbox360 and on the Dashboard (the new one released Nov 18,2008) go to My Xbox, then select whichever type of media you want to stream. To do Video go to Video Library.

Step 11

You will then be prompted to 'Select Source'. At the bottom of the options below 'Downloaded Videos, Current Disc and Portable Device' you should see the name of the computer you just set up.

Step 12

Select it, and wait a second and choose the video you want to watch! You have just successfully setup your Windows XP PC to stream media to your Xbox 360 using Windows Media Player 11!

Tips & Warnings

If you plan on doing this using a wireless connection, make sure the connection is strong. If your Xbox 360 or your PC have weak connections to your wireless router you will most likely experience a lot of problems while streaming.